Container Shelves: A Looming Threat for European Pool

‘The International Project Group’ that was established to further develop the CC Container and CC Pool System met once again in Hoofddorp on 17 November. They continued the constructive work started at the previous meeting of finding ways to secure the future of the CC Container Pool and prioritising wishes from the market. CC’s CEO also had some surprises in store for the group.

The influx of fake, low-quality container shelves are a looming threat and the market needs to take an active role in protecting their investments in the CC Pool System.

The International Project Group met for the first time on 27 October 2011 where a broad range of CC Container related issues where brought up. During the 17 November meeting, CC‟s CEO Tonny Gravesen presented facts and figures about Container Centralen. A great deal of emphasis was put on the system‟s Achilles heel, the increasing influx of fake shelves and the subsequent rising repair costs. The participants were unpleasantly surprised by the very high shelf repair costs, which is a ticking bomb under the CC Container System if corrective actions are not taken.

The seriousness of this issue was discussed in working groups, and the discussions narrowed down to two categories of focus points for future actions: Closing the pool to ensure that low-quality material does not enter, and finding a short term way to handle the drastically increasing shelf repair cost. The group recognised that it is necessary for the market to take an active role in this work, to protect the pool of CC Containers of a value of EUR 300 million – of which the market owns more than 50%.
– “It was a very constructive meeting, and we came much closer to deciding where to focus our efforts on the roadmap for the future”, says Tonny Vangsgaard Gravesen. “Following the meeting CC now has „homework‟ to prepare. Scenarios and calculations will have to be prepared and presented at the next meeting, to better evaluate which issues to concentrate on first,” Tonny Vangsgaard Gravesen concluded.

Upcoming RFID Exhibition
As well as the meeting on the 14th December, Container Centralen is hosting an RFID exhibition, which will take place at the NH Hotel in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. All CC customers are welcome to attend this free exhibition. At the exhibition, a majority of the available RFID consultancy services, software and scanner suppliers in the market will represent their products and solutions. More information about the exhibition can be found on

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