Container Centralen Wins Innovation Award for Low-Noise Products

Container Centralen (CC) has just been awarded the Nationale Geluid en Trillingen Innovatieprijs (the National Noise and Vibrations Innovation Award) from Stichting Innonoise in the Netherlands for its series of low-noise returnable transport items. Furthermore, two more low-noise products from CC were recently PIEK-certified. CC thereby strengthens its position as a market leader for low noise rolling transport equipment suitable for night-time distribution.

The unique low-noise transport items from Container Centralen provide new opportunities for deliveries to retail outlets at night time without disturbing nearby residents.

In 2010, CC launched a range of quiet transport equipment called CC Low Noise which meets the maximum noise requirements as set out in the PIEK test protocols. Used in combination with other quiet transport equipment, the low-noise load carriers from CC enable retailers to supply stores out-of-hours (between 19.00 and 07.00) without disturbing residents. Users of the CC Low Noise products include the British retailer Tesco with Winchester Growers and Landgard as suppliers, and also the Dutch supermarket chain C1000. In addition to the Dutch National Noise and Vibrations Award, the product range has also received the Highly Commended accolade from the British Noise Abatement Society in 2010.

As the first company in the world, CC last year received a European PIEK certification in the ‘load carrier’ category for the CC Low Noise Rolly and CC Low Noise Dolly (rolling ½ and ¼ pallets in steel). The new PIEK certificates add a lightweight rolling ½ pallet in plastic (CC Euro Rolly) as well as a quiet, lightweight roll container (CC Euro Rollcontainer) to the range. All four certified products have been tested by the Dutch research organization TNO and emit well below the maximum noise level of 60 dB(A) at a distance of 7.5 meters set by PIEK. This is equivalent to the noise level of a normal conversation. It means that all four PIEK-certified low-noise products can be used for out-of-hours delivery, without causing noise disturbance to nearby residents.

Apart from being suitable for delivery in areas with noise restrictions, the load carriers with a plastic base are light-weight and therefore more ergonomic. They are also equipped with an integrated RFID tag (a Track & Trace chip) to simplify logistic processes.

Because of the obvious benefits from a low-noise solution to distribution in urban areas, political interest is growing. For example, CC is involved in government-funded trial schemes in Denmark among other places and has discussed the advantages of low-noise distribution with the EU Commissioner for Climate Action. Using low-noise transport equipment at night enables suppliers to avoid rush hours. This can increase transport operator efficiency, improve load volumes, improve occupational noise risks, and reduce traffic jams and congestion which in turn cuts down fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Quiet transportation equipment such as CC Low Noise can also help local and national authorities who wish to limit logistic activities throughout the day and to deliver on CO2 reduction targets. It is a win-win situation.

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