Container Centralen to Exchange Broken Container Shelves – Only for CC Customers

One of the challenges for a container or pallet pool is how to avoid free riders from enjoying the benefits without paying their fair share, putting additional strain on fully participating participants. One such pool, Container Centralen, recently announced that only Container Centralen (CC) customers will be allowed to exchange broken CC material. The quantity allowed for exchange will be based on the number of items the customer has under
contract with CC.

After recommendations from the “Captain’s Group”, CEOs from organisations in the European horticultural industry, CC, and a task force consisting of key market players have worked out a plan for future handling of broken CC Container shelves.

To prevent misuse of the system, CC will take further steps to ensure that only CC customers will be allowed to exchange broken CC material in future and that incoming broken CC material will be closely monitored. All depots in Europe will follow this new procedure.

CC customers will be given a quota for hand-in of broken shelves which is based on the number of items that they have under contract with CC and the period that they paid for.

The implementation date of this initiative is 1st of February 2013. Customers will be informed in a separate letter shortly.

At the same time, CC will organise customer council meetings three times per year; the first one will be in
the first quarter of 2013. Participants in this council will represent organisations in the European transport/logistics and horticultural industries. The council will take up relevant issues in relation to the operations and further development of the CC Pool System as well as guarantee a close dialogue between CC and the market.

The project team working on the development of a copy-proof shelf is progressing as expected. This means that CC will be able to provide feedback to their customers in the first quarter of 2013.

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