Container Centralen Moves Head Office Activities to the Netherlands

The European market leader within pot plant logistics, Container Centralen (CC), moves head office activities from Odense in Denmark to Hoofddorp in the Netherlands. The move is part of the company’s strategy to become more customer driven.Picture Caption:

The Dutch / Danish market leader within pot plant logistics in Europe, Container Centralen (CC),moves head office activities from Odense in Denmark to Hoofddorp in the Netherlands. CEO Roel de Jong in the picture.

During the past couple of years, CC has seen some major changes with the implementation of RFID, as well as a reorganisation to concentrate daily operations in the Netherlands. Now thecompany takes the natural next step to gather competencies in Hoofddorp near Amsterdam by moving head office functions from Odense to Hoofddorp.

– “In many ways the Netherlands is the logistic centre of Europe, especially within the horticultural industry, which is one of our most important markets,” says Roel de Jong, CEO of CC.

Part of CC’s strategy is to become more customer driven, which is the main reason for centralising the company’s activities where most of their customers’ activities are based. Therefore, Supply Chain Management, Finance, IT, Marketing and internal service functions will move to Hoofddorp. Local sales, legal and some technical functions will remain physically in Odense. The transfer of activities from Denmark to the Netherlands will be completed by the end of 2012. The legal structure will remain unchanged.

– “Unfortunately redundancies are unavoidable as a result of this transfer of activities,” Roel de Jong says, -“However, we will of course ask Danish employees to move to Hoofddorp, and those of them that we need to let go, we will support to move on in their careers.”

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