Container Centralen improves the design of CC Solid based on market consultation

CC Solid is the new metal shelf for the CC Container Pool. The shelf will have an improved design, with hooks placed on the long side of the shelf. This change marks a different hook placement compared to the initial design of CC Solid. The move follows intensive market consultation and has the broadest support within the horticulture chain.


CC Solid & market consultation

Container Centralen (CC) actively engages with its customers to find the best solutions to make the CC Container Pool future proof. After a period of consultation, we developed CC Solid, a new metal shelf with excellent product specifications. The initial design had hooks placed on the short side of the shelf.

The reason behind the original concept was to ensure the use of one type shelf per container, which facilitates the stacking, counting, and sorting of shelves. Further consultation with several CC customers and market players, however, showed a clear preference for CC Solid with hooks on the long side of the shelf. CC has decided to change the design accordingly.



Hook placement on the long side of the shelf ensures the CC Container works much better for everyone that uses them – growers, exporters, and retailers.

“We welcome the decision of Container Centralen,” stated Harry Brockhoff, Dutch Flower Group.

“We from Emsflower support the decision of CC to adjust the hook position of CC Solid to the position as on CC Wood – hook on the long side. This way, changes in our operational processes will be less impactful,” added Tom Kuipers, Managing Director Emsflower GmbH.


Decision on the implementation scenario for CC Solid

The market consultation on the preferred implementation scenario of CC Solid is still ongoing. At the end of March, CC will choose one of the two implementation scenarios:

A: CC Solid can in due course substitute the current wooden shelves in the market

B: CC Solid will co-exist with wooden shelves

All feedback on these two scenarios is still welcome. For more information please visit the CC website

The added value of the CC Container Pool for the Horticultural Supply Chain

CC developed the CC Container – a shared, standard Reusable Transport Item (RTI) – and has been managing the CC Container Pool for almost 40 years. Over the years, the European horticultural sector has become accustomed to the benefits of the CC Container and the CC Pool. The CC Container is widely accepted and used throughout the horticultural supply chain as a result of its versatility, availability, and standardization.

The CC Container has become the standard load carrier for the European horticultural sector, allowing participants to exchange their containers anywhere in the supply chain. Participants know the containers are accepted and that they do not need to retrieve them at the same location; making shipping plants to almost any destination in Europe possible.

Balances can be easily (virtually) transferred to a different CC Pool user and between any of the 65 European CC depots. This saves valuable time, costs and effort in arranging return transport. Once transferred, CC Pool users can almost instantly pick-up the same amount or containers anywhere; in time for their next shipment.

Everyone can participate in the CC Pool by paying a participation fee and an annual pool fee per item. By paying the fees, participants can use the material on contract as often as they need without having to worry about buying extra materials, repairs or replacements.