Columbia Machine Announces Further Development of Pallet Load Transfer Station

Columbia Machine has further developed the Load Transfer Station (LTS) product line to include a Load Transfer Station with Pallet Cart (LTS-C). The LTS-C allows the fork truck driver to place the “go to” pallet onto a pallet cart allowing the process to complete automatically. The LTS-C is capable of transferring products that are packaged in cases, barrels, drums, bags and pails from one pallet type to another, including Plastic, Chep and GMA pallets that are commonly used in both receiving and shipping applications.

All Columbia LTS units help to eliminate injuries to warehouse workers and associated insurance claims, streamline plant and warehouse operations, improve plant and process cleanliness (as part of GMP compliance) and reduce costs. Whether your needs require a stand-alone machine or a fully automatic system with integrated pallet washing and / or stretch wrapping, Columbia Machine has the most complete line of pallet transfer solutions.

All Columbia Load Transfer Stations are backed by their 24-hour Customer Care Department. For videos and brochures, please visit their website at

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