Collapsible Pallet Boxes

PPS Midlands Ltd has recently completed an order for used collapsible plastic pallet boxes to one of the UK’s leading distributors of tool maintenance and health & safety products.

The client required a container or large box pallet to send out their products from their central distribution centre to their outlets throughout the UK. The product supplied by PPS had to be strong enough to cope with some robust handling both at the central distribution area and also at a variety of outlets.

They chose a used pallet box from PPS which, along with meeting the key performance criteria has the added advantage of being collapsible. This means used boxes can be flat packed for the return to the main distribution point, saving considerably on transport costs.

PPS can supply new or used equipment such as this, or any other returnable transit equipment (RTE). The company also provides a number of other services connected to RTE, particularly equipment pooling services, contract washing and online asset tracking. Although originally supplying the food sector with plastic crates and pallets on rental, PPS now has customers in a wide range of industrial sectors, including automotive, retail and pharmaceuticals.

Used pallet boxes are continually in demand in large and smaller volumes – in this particular case the client decided against purchasing new collapsible pallet boxes due to budget restrictions and also due to the certain knowledge that there would be an inevitable “shrinkage” of the pool of boxes. To help minimise such erosion of the original pool of equipment, PPS can offer its own online asset tracking system known as Enable. This allows customers to track their equipment online, making stock control and equipment retrieval more straightforward.

A further advantage offered by PPS is that they can also offer automated bin or pallet box washing services. This service was originally set up to service the food sector customers who require a professional automated washing service. Furthermore PPS also offers a repair or refurbishment service for pallet boxes, both collapsible, rigid and insulated.

PPS Midlands has a large state-of-the-art wash plant at Measham and a further similarly sized operation, PPS East in Grimsby. Further expansion plans are currently under consideration.

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