Cloud Draws a Crowd

Customer response to 2ic’s Cloud Computing announcement has been extremely positive, with many existing customers running trials and adopting the solution.

“The response has been tremendous. Small companies appreciate the simplicity, IT departments in large companies appreciate the cost benefits, and users everywhere appreciate the speed increase,” says Saran Chamberlain, Business Manager at 2ic Software.

With a long list of benefits and features, it’s no surprise that ‘cloud computing’ is fast gaining traction amongst leading companies.

  • No software installation

With 2ic Pallets hosted on 2ic Software’s own servers and delivered via Microsoft’s Terminal Server (TS) Gateway, customers are able to simply login from their desktops without the need to install any software – saving time and network space.

  • Full-feature interface

Customers will be able to access the full-featured 2ic Pallets interface, over the internet, while eliminating the need to install any software or worry about internet browser issues.

  • Reduced maintenance duties

Network administrators will be relieved of set up and maintenance duties, with the new system also providing an overall reduction in network traffic.

  • Increased network speeds

With the 2ic Pallets application and data files located on the same server, many customers stand to gain an increase in network speed. There will be no network lag, and with all processing occurring on super-fast servers, only screen shots will be sent back to the customer over the internet.

  • Immediate trial

Potential customers will have immediate access to a trial of 2ic Pallets without having to arrange installation on their own internal networks. The 2ic Software Support Team will manage the entire process from set up to upgrades and backup; resulting in a hassle-free experience with 2ic Pallets.

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