Clip Strip Corp. Announces the Innovative “Pallet Floor Protector”

All images courtesy of Clip Strip

Clip Strip Corp., a global leader in products for retail merchandising, is expanding its offerings beyond Point of Purchase (POP) merchandising to include store asset protection and improved pallet mobility. The company has just announced the release of its newest product, the Pallet Floor Protector. The innovative item raises pallets .35” off of the ground with “feet” that are designed to help retailers protect their floors from damage caused by unseen splinters, nails, and paint that can bleed from the pallets wood. The feet also allow for easy movement of heavy, fully-loaded pallets across floors without the use of a pallet jack or forklift.

Clip Strip Corp.’s new Pallet Floor Protector addresses two of the most pervasive issues faced in retail and warehouse environments: damage from pallets and difficulty in moving them without assistance.

Retail and warehouse floors can be damaged in numerous ways. As wooden pallets (or skids) sustain damage over time they develop splinters and protruding nails. Some companies decorate their pallets by painting them and the paint can bleed when it gets wet. All of these issues cause costly damage to floors as well as potential loss of business from customers viewing a downtrodden appearance of the retail space.

Clip Strip Corp.’s Pallet Floor Protectors are made of durable, high-density plastic. They are attached to the bottom of a pallet before it is loaded, protecting retail and warehouse floors from scratches and stains. The disk-shaped design and smooth plastic also serve to allow pallets to be pushed across the floor without the need of a pallet jack or forklift.

According to Clip Strip Corp.’s Chief Marketing Officer John Spitaletta, “The Pallet Floor Protector provides retailers the ability to increase the life cycle and appearance retention of their floors. It can be mandated to suppliers when wooden pallets are used, thus saving retailers the cost of protecting their floors as well as repairing them.”