Clip-Lok Wins ScanStar 2019 Award for Innovative Steel Racks

Clip-Lock ReRackClip-Lok ReRack was a ScanStar 2019 award winner for inventing a new concept in transport packaging of steel racks. The ScanStar competition is one of the major events in the Nordics. The jury saw the Clip-Lock ReRack as an intelligent and flexible construction, which is cost-effective packaging for transporting heavy-duty products.

The Clip-Lok ReRack is a steel rack solution made to be made again. It is a patent-pending product that makes it easy to rebuild steel racks. It is a solution that revolutionizes packaging conditions for industries like automotive, aeronautics and manufacturing industry, according to the company.

ScanStarThe jury noted that the Clip-Lok ReRack is a new concept and makes it easy to rebuild steel racks as necessary, based on new conditions. They also noted this packaging solution looks indestructible and easy to maintain.

The unique steel corner construction of Clip-Lok ReRack means it is possible to rebuild and reuse it multiple times. All you need is a manual, a fixed key and a spanner, Clip-Lok states, emphasizing that it could not be simpler. Another advantage is the easiness of maintenance and repair, which mainly occur on moving parts, hinges or dunnages. Now, it is easy to take off, repair/ replace and put it back again.

Clip-Lok notes that many people coat their steel racks with paint instead of hot-dip galvanizing. Making adjustments on zinc requires welding or grinding. With Clip-Lok ReRack you can easily galvanize. For example, if you want to keep the pallet part and modify the upper part, it can be galvanized separately and put together with the pallet through a unique bolt joint. It also has superior corrosion resistance.

Another advantage is recycling. Hot-dip galvanized steel racks are preferred in the meltdown process, whereas steel racks coated with pain just burn-off and so it cannot be recycled. However, we do provide surface treatment as per customer requirements.

The ScanStar competition is one of the major packaging events in the Nordics. It illustrates the continuous advancement in packaging design and technology, and it creates a living standard of packaging excellence from which others may learn.

Since the introduction of Clip-Lok Steel Rack’s several leading automotive manufacturers have introduced our steel rack packaging solutions within their fleet. The quality of the products and services provided by us has pleased all of our automotive customers.