CI Clarity: Short-Term Corrosion Protection Product from Intercept Technology Packaging Line

Liberty Packaging Co., Inc. announces new CI Clarity packaging product for products and industries requiring short-term corrosion protection.

Not every packaging situation requires the best protection. Some products need just enough help to get the job done right, meaning a packaging safety net in which to ship and store safely. Whereas Static Intercept®, Corrosion Intercept®, and RIBS packaging will shine in conditions where robust protection is needed, CI Clarity fits best for products and industries requiring shorter term corrosion protection.

CI Clarity’s corrosion and tarnish protection is based on the same foundation as Corrosion Intercept and Static Intercept plastics, but with slightly less of the reactive copper in the formula. Like its “brother and sister” Intercept packaging, CI Clarity reacts sacrificially so the corrosive gases will attack it instead of the products inside. CI Clarity polyethylene is non-volatile, clean, and safe for products and workers. CI Clarity is designed for smaller goods (tubing and bags can be run up to 2” up to 60”wide); it will protect most materials such as metals, rubber, fabrics, other plastics; great for light industrial and consumer goods. As the name implies, CI Clarity is translucent so the product inside can be viewed through the packaging. Also, RFID signals (radio frequency identification) can be read through CI Clarity. CI Clarity is also available in an anti-static form, utilizing the proprietary anti-static AT Technology coupled with CI.

The Intercept Technology™ line of packaging materials has quite a following to this point. Many companies worldwide, in industries such as automotive, equipment, electronics, aerospace, parts, mining, oil and gas to name a few, have achieved measurable cost of goods savings by incorporating Intercept into their packaging methodology. Intercept products increase reliability and are friendly to the environment.

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