Chinese Customs Confirm Adherence to European Position on ISPM 15 Regulations

The Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation (TIMCON) says it welcomes China’s confirmation that it is working in agreement with the European guidelines for the implementation of ISPM 15 regulations.

According to a statement by the European Commission, “The Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) agrees with the EU interpretation of ISPM 15, they will issue a notice to CIQs to clarify that wood packaging material ISPM compliant can be accepted even if its origin is not from the country of expedition.”

The EC had sought clarification of how China was implementing ISPM 15 regulations after AQSIQ mistakenly began intercepting wood packaging material (WPM) where the ISPM 15 mark did not relate to the country of re-export.

Gil Covey, former TIMCON President and current President of FEFPEB, said: “TIMCON and its international counterpart organisations are very pleased this incident has been resolved quickly with this clarification from China. This incident demonstrates the importance of trade bodies and regulators being vigilant in monitoring the implementation of ISPM 15, so that we avoid unnecessary trade barriers appearing – and where this does occur immediate action is taken to challenge them.

“The entire European wooden pallet and packaging industry is committed to complying with ISPM 15 in order to protect the world’s forests and it is vital that all countries interpret the regulations on a consistent basis. Wooden pallets and packaging are vital to the flow of world trade and continue to be the most economic and environmentally sound packaging solution. They have a minus carbon impact, which helps businesses decrease, rather than add to their carbon footprint, and are the only packaging choice that can claim to be continuously repairable, reusable and recyclable.”

The EC advised UK exporters that the issue had been resolved with the Chinese authorities and, were they to occur, to report any cases where the movement of ISPM 15-compliant WPM was restricted in China.

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