China Pallet International Conference & 2013 Annual Meeting to Be Held November 29-30

This year’s China Pallet International Conference will be held in Chongqing, and event organizers are interested in generating greater international interest in the event.

In the conference, well-known industry experts will be invited to give keynote speeches. Mr. Bian Huatuo will talk about subsistence and development in a hostile environment. Prof. Wu Qingyi will discuss unitized logistics and its effect. Mr. Huang Penghui will introduce some unique management idea of pallet enterprises in Taiwan. A large delegation from South Korea leaded by Mr. Byung-Yoon Suh will join in the conference and will hold a discussion forum to discuss the potential cooperation between two countries.

Event organizers hope to share up-to-date information, the latest technology, new products, and unique ideas. This conference is an excellent opportunity to conduct business and to create new partnerships.

For more information, visit the China Pallet International Conference website.


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