China Agrees to Accept ISPM-15 Compliant Packaging Stamped by 3rd Country

U.K. site Palletlink is reporting that China agrees with the EU interpretation of ISPM-15 and will now accept compliant packaging even if it is stamped by a country other than that of the exporting nation.

At the beginning of the summer, members of the U.K. wood packaging marking scheme (UKWPMMP) were alerted that AQSIQ (Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (People’s Republic of China)) inspectors were intercepting consignments from Europe because pallets were stamped by a different nation than that of the departure country of the goods being shipped. An example was given of pallets with a German “DE” mark being shipped to China from Austria (AT), and then being stopped because of the marking from a different country than the country of export.

AQSIQ now agrees with the EU interpretation of ISPM 15 and will clarify that wood packaging material ISPM compliant can be accepted even if its origin is not from the country of export. It encourages EU to let it know if further barriers remain. Exporters are therefore encouraged to report any remaining barriers to the entry of ISPM-15 compliant packaging into China.

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