CHEP’s German Quarter Pallet Conversion Complete

Blueclick CHEPCHEP has completed its Blue Click® quarter pallet conversion in Germany, according to a recent German language article.

After being launched at the end of April 2014, Chep has successfully completed one of the largest and most complex projects perhaps in the company’s history: the complete conversion of German customers to the new quarter pallet two months ahead of schedule.  

Thanks to the numerous advantages of the new cargo carrier and the good all-round and comprehensive care during the changeover period, all German corporate customers are more than satisfied. “The Blue-click system the new Chep quarter pallet convinces with its ease of use compared to other transport platforms,” states Stefan Riedel, Head of Logistics at Eckes-Granini. With this innovative solution we can offer our POS displays safe and fit faster – and save valuable time. “

For Oliver Wittig, Head of Logistics DE / CH at Henkel, favorable properties pertaining to sustainability and efficiency are important. Since the new quarter pallet is lighter than its predecessor and stackability has been optimized, it saves about 25 percent on space requirement versus the previous quarter pallet, reducing the number of trucks on the road, as well as CO2 emissions.

“We are proud to provide our customers with the new quarter pallet an innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly carriers available,” explains Christophe Campe, Vice President and General Manager of Chep Germany. “The latest addition to our family of products is CO2 neutral, and since the introduction we were able to neutralize more than 2,300 tonnes of CO2, while thanks to the new Blue Click Display attachment displays can be set up even easier.”