CHEP’s Progress Towards Zero Harm is Pure Gold: Safety and Sustainability Through Customer Collaboration

  • CHEP and supply chain partners work together on workplace safety, greater sustainability, and increased efficiency.
  • CHEP Canada earned Gold Rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, Gold Award as one of the safest employers in Canada.

CHEP, a Brambles company, is collaborating with customers to share best practices and develop innovative solutions as part of Brambles’ Sustainability Program, including Zero Harm. These efforts help both clients and CHEP create a safer workplace and greater sustainability through a circular economy.

“CHEP was a fantastic partner for us when we wanted to analyze and improve our workplace safety protocols,” said Randy Isenberg, Health and Safety Manager, Costco. “Their team’s analysis and recommendations were spot-on and are making a real difference.”

Brambles has proclaimed the week of March 20th as Global Zero Harm Week. Activities for both employees and customers are focused on creating a better workplace and a better planet. CHEP and its customers engage in a new round of collaboration to share workplace safety and sustainability best practices aimed at developing cutting-edge safety and environmental programs that build on recent success.

“CHEP is committed to doing business in a responsible way that benefits our employees, our customers, consumers and the planet,” said Paola Floris, President, CHEP Canada. “Our culture of continuous improvement, combined with a strong commitment to collaborating with our customers to develop innovative, responsible solutions is a blueprint for marketplace success.”
In fall 2016, CHEP Canada received a Gold Award from Canadian Occupational Safety magazine as one of the country’s safest employers. The award recognizes companies from across Canada that promote the health and safety of their workers. Companies are judged on several key performance indicators, including training, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management systems, incident investigation, emergency preparedness and innovation.

CHEP Canada also earned an EcoVadis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Gold Rating in 2015 and 2016. EcoVadis is a global platform that provides assessments of CSR through surveys which evaluate a company’s environmental sustainability, fair labor practices and business ethics. EcoVadis also operates the first collaborative platform providing supplier sustainability ratings for global supply chains.

Studies show the consumer goods supply chain is fertile ground when it comes to efficiency, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. No company is better positioned than CHEP to bring all segments of the fast-moving consumer goods value chain together to capitalize on the opportunity to build a better and more responsible supply chain,” concluded Ms. Floris.

Source: CHEP