CHEP Wins in Quebec Superior Court

In a recent ruling in Quebec Superior Court, CHEP Canada was victorious in their claim against LES INDUSTRIES PALBEC INC. a Quebec pallet recycler. According to a release from CHEP Canada, after many attempts by CHEP to negotiate the return of CHEP pallets the defendant had on their premises, CHEP was granted a search and seizure order by the Quebec courts and successfully recovered CHEP pallets which included a quantity that had been over painted orange. The court determined without question that these pallets were the property of CHEP.

In the court’s final decision it was noted that:

  • According to the evidence, all CHEP identified blue pallets in circulation belong to CHEP. They cannot be sold.
  • CHEP at all times remains the owner of its pallets. That fact is clear, well known and undeniable.
  • CHEP was entitled to claim its pallets, which were wilfully being used in violation of the law.
  • Going forward, Palbec will be prohibited from trading, in any manner whatsoever, pallets belonging to CHEP.
  • Palbec is required to pay financial damages to CHEP.

As a pallet pooling company, CHEP retains exclusive ownership rights in all of its pallets at all times, painting them with distinctive blue paint and proprietary markings, including “Property of CHEP” as well as “Propriete de CHEP” on the outside stringers. CHEP Canada stresses that these pallets belong, at all times, to CHEP.

Pallet recyclers coming into possession of  CHEP pallets, are asked to separate them from other pallets and contact CHEP at 1-866-261-2437 to arrange pickup at a mutually convenient time.

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