CHEP USA Receives 2013 Winning Through Business Integration Award from Unilever North America

CHEP USA, a leading provider of managed pallet pooling solutions, was recently presented the 2013 Winning Through Business Integration award by Unilever North America, a leading marketer of consumer packaged goods. The award is given annually to Unilever suppliers that create synergies and align with the company’s overarching strategy to add value, grow business and reduce overall environmental impact.

In presenting the award, Unilever cited several achievements by CHEP USA including:

  • CHEP has continuously added value by creating joint supply chain programs with Unilever resulting in significant savings annually; and
  • CHEP has delivered more than $3 million in actual recognized savings through Joint Business Development Plans validated by Unilever North America.

“Unilever recognizes CHEP as a leader in supply chain efficiencies, and this award represents our appreciation for our partnership that has resulted in both a reduction in costs and increased productivity,” said Wendy Herrick, Vice President Customer Service & Logistics, Unilever North America.

Daniel Walsh, Vice President, USA Sales and Customer Collaboration, and Jake Gilene, Director of Global Accounts, CHEP USA, attended the event and accepted the award on behalf of the company.

“We are truly honored to have received this award from Unilever,” said Walsh. “It is a testament not only to the relationship we have built with Unilever but the outstanding teamwork and collaboration of the Unilever Warehouse Central Pallet Team and CHEP Sales & Customer Operations account teams have made to support Unilever’s overarching business goals and objectives.

“We are committed to extending and expanding that support in the future as we work together to optimize the Unilever supply chain,” he added.

Unilever was an early supporter of CHEP solutions in the United States and around the globe, deploying CHEP in the American market more than 20 years ago.

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