CHEP Updates European Pallet Design, New Pallet Roll Out Well Under Way in Spain

Madrid – CHEP, a supplier of supply chain solutions, continues to place investment in innovation and the quality of the pallet pool at the heart of its strategy in Europe. Its main objective is to adapt to the changes and demands of the market and to the needs of its customers.

In November 2018 the company introduced a new design update to its traditional 1200 x 800 wooden pallet in the European market. The 1200 x 800 is already being used by CHEP customers in 23 countries. In this process, CHEP’s commitment to investment in Spain is particularly relevant, as it is one of the countries where the transition to the new improved pallet model is taking place at a faster pace, with 3 million pallets (out of a total of 5.7 million in Europe) already delivered.

The new pallet is described as a more robust platform that offers higher quality and safety, as well as higher performance and durability. It maintains the same dimensions and tolerances as the prior pallet model so that operations in the supply chain and automatic warehouses are not affected.

This new design increases the area covered with material by 90.6%, resulting in a significant reduction in the potential risk of damage to the packaging.

“This new product is the result of a thorough analysis by our Innovation department to optimize the performance of our platform,” commented Enrique Montañés, Senior Vice President of CHEP Southern Europe. This allows us to better serve our customers as we continue to move forward with our commitment to waste reduction.

“The new generation of 1200 x 800 pallets strengthens our position as the world’s leading equipment supplier,” he added. “The quality of our products, the innovation and the coverage of our network are the basis of our value proposition.”

Additionally, CHEP has invested in automation aimed at guaranteeing its customers’ adaptation to the new ISPM 15 regulation, which affects all shipments of wood packaging destined for or originating in the Canary Islands. The company has 12 service centers in mainland Spain and four in the Canary Islands, equipped to meet future demand for treated pallets. In addition, it is developing algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence to detect the ISPM15 mark automatically as well as with a higher level of precision.

These investments allow CHEP to guarantee the service of pallets treated according to the ISPM 15 standard to cover the needs of the market. In addition, 100% of newly manufactured CHEP pallets comply with this standard.

Source: CHEP