CHEP to Present Intercontinental Pooling Service

Efficient and sustainable solution for global supply chains offered by leading provider of standardized reusable container and pallet pooling.

CHEP IcoQube3

CHEP, the world’s leading provider of standardised reusable container and pallet pooling, is presenting its new intercontinental pooling service to industry experts at this year’s Automotive Logistics Europe Conference. Jürgen J. Krahé, Director Intercontinental Programs EMEA at CHEP, will coach conference delegates on how they may organise their global supply chains more efficiently by leveraging CHEP’s global service centre network and expansive container fleet. Comprehensive and well-executed logistics services present a major competitive advantage for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. Optimisation based on current market developments – such as the slump in demand for new cars or the shift east of production – is a central topic at the conference in Bonn.

“The intercontinental pooling concept is a key element of our global growth strategy,” explained Krahé. “Furthermore, we see ourselves as a solution provider and are continuously adapting our service and product portfolio to meet the needs of our customers. With our new offering, we have developed an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective packaging solution for industrial companies with a globalised supply structure. At the end of last year, we established the Intercontinental Programs division in order to best support these customers in the future with tailor-made solutions for the worldwide flow of goods.”

The majority of companies currently use disposable packaging for transportation in sea containers because the return of empty containers would be too expensive. As a leading specialty service provider with a global footprint, CHEP is in a position to circumvent this repatriation. This is facilitated by both the worldwide service network, which now connects all five continents, and by sharing containers across companies.

Freight and load optimisation ensures the continuous rotation of containers around the globe, benefiting all users. CHEP’s approach typically provides customers with double digit percentage savings due to reduced transportation and storage costs. Additionally, outsourcing to a specialty service provider eliminates the work associated with handling the packaging, while container utilisation increases. Shorter transportation routes, the reduction of packaging waste and optimum loading of shipping containers also offers added ecological benefits.

In order to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard packaging, CHEP has developed stackable and recyclable containers available in several sizes and designed specifically for intercontinental transportation. Known as the IcoQube, it is designed to deal with the extreme climate conditions and mechanical loads at sea, while improving ocean-freight container utilisation.

More than 300 decision makers from the sector will meet from 11 to 13 March in the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn for the Automotive Logistics Europe Conference, one of the leading forums for vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and their logistics service providers. This marks the 12th anniversary of the conference by the trade publication “Automotive Logistics”.

Source: CHEP


  1. Marty Ueland says

    Looks very nice. usually these are thermoformed, but is it injection molded? Is there a spec sheet or at least the dimensions and cubic inches available?

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