CHEP Support Helps Idaho Grower Shipper Association Address Key Industry Issues

The Idaho Grower Shipper Association (IGSA), the trade organization representing members in the Idaho potato industry, and CHEP, an industry leader in pallet and container pooling solutions, announced that CHEP has given IGSA a donation of more than $29,000 to support the group’s educational activities. The award results from IGSA helping grow CHEP business with IGSA members by more than 33 percent since the relationship was launched last year.

IGSA will be using the money to educate its members on issues such as transportation, food safety and immigration. One example of the how the money will be spent is a seminar for members on the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, which protects market participants from loss due to fraudulent activity and prevents unwarranted destruction of farm products, planned for this spring.

Travis Blacker, President, Idaho Grower Shipper Association, said: “The relationship between the Idaho Grower Shipper Association and CHEP is a case study on how vendors and trade groups can work together for the benefit of each other and their shared stakeholders. The bottom line is that the support CHEP is providing will help our members become better and more profitable operators.”

The CHEP pallet pooling program provides growers and shippers with durable shipping platforms that improve supply chain efficiency and lower product damage. CHEP’s global reach also ensures a reliable supply of pallets and is the most environmentally friendly option for shipping platforms.

CHEP USA Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Karen Hempel, said: “CHEP is delighted to support the Idaho Grower Shipper Association and help fund educational and promotional programs that will make its members more competitive in the marketplace. Based on the performance this first year, we expect to continue building our relationship with IGSA and its members for many years.”

About the Idaho Grower Shipper Association
For more than 82 years, the Idaho Grower Shipper Association (IGSA) has been helping its members with different issues and problems that surface in the potato industry. The association has 40 regular members and 60 associate members, representing more than 11 billion pounds of annual potato production. The mission of the IGSA is to serve its membership and the Idaho Potato industry through the formation of programs and services lawfully provided that will enable its members to conduct their businesses successfully under the free enterprise system. More information is available at

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