CHEP Smooths Pallet Management Wrinkles for NIVEA

CHEP, the world’s leading provider of pallet and container pooling solutions, has announced that cosmetics company Beiersdorf SA, manufacturer of NIVEA and other global skin care brands, has made the switch in Iberia to CHEP managed pooled pallets from white-wood exchange pallets.

Beiersdorf SA Logistics & VAS Manager Arantxa García said: “CHEP offers us many advantages, including lower supply chain costs as well as better service, pallet quality and control with CHEP’s account management system, Portfolio+Plus. CHEP also provides us the ability to lower our environmental impact using a pallet pooling solution. Sustainability is a high priority for us.”

The Germany-based company signed a contract with CHEP for 50,000 pallets annually to be used in warehouse picking operations and distribution in Spain and Portugal. The CHEP agreement covers their picking activities as well as 100% of their domestic flows, which will enable Beiersdorf SA to reduce product damage and transport cost, optimize pallet control and improve the efficiency of their operation.

“The CHEP and Beiersdorf SA teams built a business case based on our strategically aligned supply chain capabilities, professional resources,  service and sustainability, states Laura Nador, CHEP Vice President & Country General Manager.

CHEP’s Country General Manager for Nordics, Bo Sjoeberg, adds: “Beiersdorf SA recognized the positive advantages of the CHEP system in terms of cost savings, increased customer satisfaction and reduced environmental impact when compared with the white wood exchange system. We are glad to welcome Beiersdorf SA to the CHEP family.”

With over 130 years of skin cream experience, Hamburg, Germany based cosmetics company Beiersdorf AG employs around 17,000 people worldwide. Its sales in 2011 amounted to €5.633 billion. The company has been listed on the DAX since December 2008 and holds NIVEA, World’s No.1 Skin Care Brand. Other names in its successful international brand portfolio include Eucerin, La Prairie, Labello, 8×4, and Hansaplast.

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