CHEP Rollable Quarter Pallets Boost Sales and Improve Logistics for SPAR

Trial demonstrates the value of CHEP rollable plastic quarter pallets for retail display at SPAR Stores

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CHEP, the supply chain solutions company, has entered a test phase for the use of the Dolly Rollable pallet with Henderson Wholesale Ltd., a licensee of SPAR International. The three-week pilot project was implemented in 13 SPAR mini markets in Northern Ireland with a positive result. By using the Dolly, a plastic quarter pallet, the dealer was able to increase its sales and cut its supply chain costs.  This success has paved the way for Henderson to use CHEP’s plastic wheeled quarter pallet dolly at the rest of its stores in Northern Ireland.

“The store managers welcomed a ready-to-display type of solution,” said Alan Abraham, Henderson Wholesale Logistics Manager. “Sales during the trial period looked very positive –  a double-digit growth in sales of the beverages displayed on dollies was reported as compared with shelf displays. The CHEP dolly improved the end-to-end supply chain process by removing handling stages at both distribution centre and store levels. Importantly, it saves staff time in maintaining stock levels. The store saved at least 10 minutes for each CHEP display dolly that was delivered.

“We definitely want to incorporate dollies in our promotional planning for next year. Having a dolly that can be positioned in different spaces through the day, relating to footfall is a big benefit to promotions in the convenience channel. Plus, we like the way CHEP is solutions-oriented and can be proactive in our business. We can work together in many ways to improve logistics efficiency, worker safety, sustainability and sales performance”.

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Alan Abraham

Henderson Wholesale is one of four companies of the Henderson Group, based near Belfast. The company distributes nearly 7,000 ambient, fresh and frozen food products to 447 stores throughout Northern Ireland. SPAR is the world’s leading voluntary food retail chain. In September, Henderson Wholesale opened a new 184,000 sq. ft. domed warehouse for ambient products that can store 14,000 pallets.

“CHEP’s 600 x 400mm wheeled display platform dollies are loaded with pre-assembled promotional products which are easily wheeled from the warehouse floor onto delivery vehicles for transport to the grocery stores,” said Helen Lane, vice president and country general manager of CHEP UK & Ireland. “Upon arrival, the dollies are quickly unloaded at the stores in a one-touch, last mile solution. It helps to get brands in front of the shopper, more frequently during the day within the convenience channel”.

“CHEP’s dolly has been successfully used in store promotions, providing enhanced product visibility and easy replenishment at the point of sale. The CHEP dolly improves the flow of products across the supply chain while minimizing the number of touches. We are very happy with the results of the dolly trial. Investing in new products and services to improve customer experience is a fundamental part of our strategy.”

Source: CHEP Germany