CHEP Renews Reusable Container and Pallet Agreement with Norman Collett

CHEP has signed a new two-year contract with Norman Collett, a specialist in the marketing of English apples, pears and stone fruit to the UK’s major supermarkets and wholesale markets. The agreement builds on the an existing 15-year relationship between the two organisations.

“From our perspective, it’s great to be working with a company that understands our business model and gains such an in-depth appreciation of our requirements,” said Michael Joyles, Norman Collett Commercial Director. “Given the nature of the products we are dealing with, timely supply is obviously fundamental. With CHEP, we know that availability is never an issue, and I think this new deal recognises that.”

CHEP‘s existing supply of pallets and containers to Norman Collett will expand to 540,000 movements over the two-year term of the new contract, including standard B1210A pallets and reusable plastic crates.

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