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CHEP, a Brambles company, is the world’s leading provider of pallet and container pooling services, serving over 345,000 customer locations in 45 countries, and employing over 7,000 people. The company issues, collects, repairs and reissues about 300 million pallets and containers annually from a global network of over 500 service centers.

CHEP currently operates in 44 countries, which are accumulated into three regions, including CHEP Americas, CHEP EMEA, and CHEP Asia-Pacific. While its predominant business is pallet pooling, it also rents reusable plastic containers (RPCs), automotive containers, as well as other reusable packaging products, including intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and air freight unit load devices (ULDs).

In 2010, revenue for CHEP, a subsidiary of Brambles, amounted to over $US3.4 billion.

Revenue by region was distributed as follows:

  • CHEP Americas 45%
  • CHEP EMEA 44%
  • CHEP Asia-Pacific 11%

    Revenue by container type included:

  • Pallets 88%
  • Reusable Plastic Containers 5%
  • Automotive Container 4%
  • Other 3%

    CHEP operates predominantly in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), produce, meat, home improvement, beverage, raw materials and automotive industries. CHEP’s offering includes a combination of quality products, sophisticated control systems and a well-managed international service centre infrastructure. This allows its customers to reduce their need for capital expenditure and so they can focus on their core business.

    The company is committed to reducing environmental waste and increasing customer savings through proper stewardship of pallets. CHEP believes that its pallet and container pooling system reduces the use of wood and eliminates more than six million tonnes of wood packaging from landfills by recycling wood and nails. Pallet components that cannot be repaired or reused are recycled for fuel, mulch and animal bedding. It indicates that more than 2026.2 cubic metres (2,650 cubic yards) of wood are recycled each year at CHEP service centers.

    After CHEP had abandoned RPC and automotive container markets in the US in the last decade, CHEP parent Brambles has made a new foray into these markets under Tom Gorman, the current Brambles CEO, having acquired IFCO Systems, CAPS, and Unitpool.

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