CHEP Reaches 10 Million Pallet Weekly Capacity in Melbourne

CHEP has now reached a processing capacity of 10 million pallets per week in Melbourne. And Frans Helleman, CHEP Australia’s director of pallet operations, says that while “pallets may seem low-tech, technology actually plays an important role in the process.”

Transportation and Logistics News reports that the Dandenong South service center is equipped with the latest technology, including:

  • Mechanical nail presses
  • Automated digital inspection (ADI), utilizing lasers and cameras
  • Hand-held transaction management devices carried by forklift operators

The ADI unit spots pallets with defects and sends them to the appropriate area of the center for repair. Handheld devices eliminate 10 minutes of paperwork per trailer load of pallets.

Around the clock and weekend hours also allow customers to more conveniently reach the service center during off peak hours.

Read the complete story in Transportation and Logistics News.


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