CHEP Presentation on Product Damage: How Do We Know What We Know

Mike Boersig, Manager, Supply Chain Solutions, CHEP Americas, will address the Package Design & Development Summit at the Renaissance Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida, on March 2, 2011. The presentation, titled How Do We Know What We Know About Product Damage? examines the various sources of product damage data in the supply chain, with the intention of illustrating the potential benefit of collaboration between supply chain partners.

With several U.S. and Canadian municipalities adopting extended producer responsibility or product stewardship laws, which require manufacturers to manage all downstream packaging, the design community is directly affected by product damage. Boersig’s session will offer critical insights about the enormous amount of product damage data that is collected throughout the industry and how it can be better used for process improvement.

Lane Pence, Director, Supply Chain Solutions, CHEP Americas, said; “Mike’s presentation reflects CHEP’s desire to understand and mitigate product damage associated with shipping platforms. The CHEP Supply Chain Solutions team works with our customers to understand the impact of platform choice on product damage. With the help of the CHEP Innovation Center, our customers and partners like Inmar and Genco, we continue to add to our knowledge base and expand our ability to partner with stakeholders to reduce platform related product damage.”

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