CHEP Pallecon Solutions Recognized as Supply Chain and Technology Innovator

CHEP Pallecon Solutions North America has recently been recognized for its leadership in technology and supply chain innovation by several industry publications.  The company’s credits include being named to Food Logistics tenth annual Top 100 Technology Providers list, as well as winning Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine’s 2013 Green Supply Chain Award.

The annual FL100 list highlights software and technology providers that help food and beverage manufacturers, foodservice distributors, and grocery retailers attain their business goals.  This marks the 6th consecutive year the container pooling business has been recognized among other prestigious companies for playing a significant role in food and beverage supply chains; however this is their first year winning under the CHEP Pallecon Solutions name since CAPS was rebranded as a division of CHEP in November of 2013.

Enhancements to their CHEP-TRAC container tracking software earned CHEP their spot on the list this year. CHEP-TRAC enables customers to easily access near real-time reports on critical data tracked throughout their supply chain including metrics required for HACCP plans, which have become crucial since food and beverage companies are now required to comply with FSMA standards.  New functionality this year also exists in CHEP RAPID RFID, which allows manufacturers to eliminate the need to scan barcodes on individual containers. With this technology, data is recorded instantly as containers pass through RFID portals while being unloaded from- or loaded onto trucks.

In addition, CHEP Pallecon Solutions has won the 2013 Green Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine. This list recognizes companies that are making sustainability a focal point of their business strategies and assisting their customers in achieving measurable sustainability goals. At its core, CHEP’s reusable container pooling program is designed to Cut Cost, Mitigate Risk and Eliminate WasteTM in manufacturing supply chains by replacing disposable one-time-use packaging with reusable containers as well as streamlining transportation and logistics to reduce harmful fuel emissions.

CHEP Pallecon Solutions is a supply chain management company based in Livonia, MI that has been offering comprehensive container management services – including container rental, cleaning, repair and container tracking – since 1998.  CHEP helps its food, beverage, cosmetic, non-hazardous chemical, automotive and general manufacturing customers reduce material handling costs while improving supply chain performance and initiating environmental practices.  CHEP Pallecon Solutions also has divisions in the EMEA and APAC regions. For the past six years the team at CHEP Pallecon Solutions has been named one of Food Logistics’ top 100 technology solution providers and has been named one of Supply & Demand Chain’s Green Supply Chain award recipients four times.   For more information on CHEP container rental and container management services, visit or call (888) 873-2277.

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