CHEP Once Again Recognized as Supply Chain Sustainability Innovator

For the seventh year, CHEP has received Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine’s Green Supply Chain Award. The honor, awarded to the global provider of supply chain solutions, acknowledges companies that are making sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy. The award also recognizes companies working across their customers supply chains to achieve measurable sustainability goals within their operations in the areas of sourcing/procurement, fulfillment/logistics and operations.

“We appreciate receiving Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine’s Green Supply Chain Award for past several years and are committed to increasing our sustainability solutions across the supply chain for the benefit of our trading partners, both retailers and manufacturers, as well as our transportation partners,” said Dan Martin, Senior Vice President, CHEP USA.

CHEP platform solutions are used and reused or ‘pooled’ among retailers, manufacturers and throughout the supply chain which provide inherently sustainable benefits to their customers.  When combined with its logistics knowledge, CHEP helps minimize the carbon footprint of their customers and corresponding supply chains through the application of network optimization solutions, including reducing transportation distances and associated emissions, and working collaboratively to eliminate empty return trips, so that customers benefit from sharing transportation resources. CHEP engages customers across the supply chain to identify opportunities to improve their environmental sustainable impact by helping them transport goods more efficiently, sustainably and safely, and by assisting them to meet sustainability goals and reduce their impact on the environment.

Source: CHEP