CHEP launches Zero Waste World in Europe

The initiative aims to avoid waste, eliminate empty runs and eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain

Cologne, October 15, 2019 – CHEP, a global leader in supply chain solutions, announced a new initiative called “Zero Waste World” at two major European events: the IGD Supply Chain Summit in London and the Sustainable Brands Madrid meeting. The Zero Waste World initiative was introduced in North America earlier in the year. It is a close collaboration that brings together leading retailers and manufacturers to develop smarter and more sustainable supply chains. Among other things, CHEP is working to build a waste-free supply chain through collaborative solutions for the industry.

At the IGD Supply Chain Summit in 2019, major corporations such as Morrisons, ASDA, Nestlé and Uber Freight were represented. Speakers at Sustainable Brands Madrid included Jim Adams, Deputy Chief Technologist at NASA, and Marc Buckley, UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocate. The Zero Waste World initiative focuses on three key areas:

  • Removal of physical waste from disposable packaging to non-salable products
  • Abolition of empty runs through partnership initiatives – from load optimization to solutions for transport partnerships
  • Eliminate inefficiencies through transparency in the supply chain and modern analysis through to process optimization and automation

“The size and transparency of the CHEP network put us in a unique position in the supply chain to work with companies and help them save time, money and resources while adding value to society,” said Paul Nathan, senior director of Zero Waste World in Europe. “We have partnered with world leaders in the FMCG industry to leverage our expertise in the circular economy. We also want to use our sharing and reuse model to reduce the negative impact of their supply chains. ”

In Europe, CHEP’s Transport Collaboration Solutions have helped more than 200 customers avoid 6.6 million km of empty lorries, resulting in a reduction of 6,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions and a saving of € 8.7 million.

Miguel Ángel de Miguel, Director of Digital Technology and Logistics at Spanish brewer Mahou San Miguel, comments: “CHEP’s collaborative solutions provide evidence that CHEP is responsive to market needs and committed to innovation and value. The Zero Waste World initiative will create not only savings but also other intangible values ​​from working with other companies. One example is the positive impact on sustainability. ”

CHEP is now expanding the initiative to cross-company mergers and open innovation events. Here, supply chain experts meet regularly, virtually and personally, to exchange ideas and examples on how best to address the three biggest challenges of the Zero Waste World program.

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