CHEP Extends Strategic Relationship With P&G

CHEP has renewed its contract with consumer products leader Procter & Gamble. CHEP pallets are used to transport the majority of P&G’s branded products.

CHEP has been working with P&G for more than 15 years. The relationship began after the success with transportation cost reductions and warehouse productivity improvements with CHEP pallet pooling in Europe and Australia. The two companies work closely to ensure continuous advancement in the retail supply chain by supporting joint-industry activities like sustainability and standardization.

CHEP Senior Vice President, Sales and Chief Customer Officer Brian Malloy said: “We truly appreciate the trust P&G places with us every time one of their product loads leaves a production or distribution facility and is shipped to a customer on one of our pallets. It is a trust we don’t take for granted and one we are committed to maintaining for a long time by allocating the optimal people and asset resources.”

Rick Hughes, P&G Chief Purchasing Officer said, “CHEP is a long-term strategic partner in touch with our productivity and sustainability needs. Through its use of renewable materials and a pooled platform service, the CHEP program contributes to P&G sustainability efforts by reducing solid waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions.”

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