CHEP expands pallet business in Central Europe with Trisa, Kanban approach utilized

CHEP is expanding its business with Trisa AG: the supplier of oral care products based in Switzerland has decided to gradually replace white exchange pallets in its entire supply chain To pooling pallets from CHEP.

Jonas Vonesch, Head of Logistics at Trisa, summarizes the advantages: “With CHEP pallets, we do not have the problems we face with white exchange pallets. CHEP provides pallets in better quality, and even with a short lead time, provides the supply flexibility that we need to meet demand. Sustainability is also an important issue for us. By using the CHEP pallets, we generate less waste, because CHEP follows the principle of ‘reuse, recycle and reduce waste’. In addition, we have less administrative effort with CHEP. ”

Trisa was founded in 1887 by six pioneers in the Swiss canton of Lucerne to produce hair and household brushes. Today, the company produces over one million toothbrushes a day. Trisa also produces and distributes other products for oral hygiene, as well as hair and body care, with around 1,150 employees. These products are exported to around 60 countries worldwide, including Europe as a whole and the United States. Approximately one-third of these pallets already come from CHEP, with the number continuing to rise.

Trisa and CHEP use Kanban, a vendor-managed inventory (VMI) strategy, to change their traditional procurement process. Instead of placing orders, Trisa provides daily needs reports, which can be viewed by CHEP. On the basis of these data, the logistic expert initiates pallet replenishment deliveries. In this way, Trisa reduces its pallet stock and at the same time improves its flow of capital.

“More and more customers demand the delivery of our products on CHEP pallets,” adds Vonesch. “We welcome this development because, thanks to CHEP, we do not have to buy any new white exchange pallets. The problem of delivering high-quality pallets and returning low-quality transport companies is a thing of the past. ”

“Our deliveries to Trisa AG are steadily growing as more and more customers are demanding delivery to CHEP pallets. They appreciate the consistently high quality and the design of our pallets, which ensures easy handling and safety. We look forward to expanding our collaboration with Trisa and its suppliers, “says Rosa Ferrero Pedra, General Manager, Central Europe at CHEP.