CHEP Enjoys Efficiency Gains and Cost Reduction with LeanLogistics

LeanLogistics reports that CHEP Europe has enjoyed efficiency as well as transportation management gains resulting from  implementing LeanTMS through LeanLogistics. CHEP wanted to cut transportation costs through routing guide compliances and improve transport capacity detection and cost on certain lanes through spot market purchasing.

“CHEP is benefiting from efficiency gains and transport savings that are serving our entire organisation,” said Enrique Garcia, SVP Supply Chain Europe, CHEP. “The visibility and collaborative environment of LeanTMS allows us to set sustainable business practices in place by measuring and reducing empty kilometres as well as reporting on carbon emissions.”

Within the EU, delayed carrier settlement was creating issues with service providers who used many different ways to communicate.  Additionally, staff had to manually confirm deliveries and set appointments.  As a result of implementing LeanTMS, this process has significantly improved. There is now a documented history trail and telephone and fax communication have been eliminated.

“The entire CHEP European transport purchasing team now has access to all aspects of the transportation process across countries,” said Ian Broadhurst, General Manager for LeanLogistics in Europe. “European carriers can now be managed as a whole rather than by individual country.”

Some other benefits that CHEP received as a result of the implementation is that the transportation process has been standardised across all countries. Additionally, the automated tendering process (straight tender from order creation) improved lead times and resulted in better carrier acceptance.

About LeanLogistics

LeanLogistics, founded in 1999, is an international provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) transportation management systems. The LeanTMS software enables companies to effectively manage inbound and outbound shipping requirements ensuring the most cost and time efficient routes are used. LeanLogistics is headquartered in Holland, Michigan, USA with European offices in UK, Spain and France and employs 150 people.