CHEP Brings Efficiencies to the Aviation Sector

CHEP, the global leader in pallet and container pooling and supply-chain services, has announced the launch of CHEP Aerospace Solutions, the world’s largest independent network of pooled unit load devices (ULDs) and repair centres. ULDs are used by airlines for the in-flight transportation of cargo, baggage and mail.

The new service brings CHEP’s longstanding global experience in pallet and container pooling across sectors, including consumer goods, fresh food, automotive, manufacturing and chemicals, to the aviation sector. It follows the recent acquisitions by CHEP’s parent company, Brambles, of Unitpool (an independent pooler of aviation containers and pallets) and JMI Aerospace (a specialist in the maintenance and repair of non-flight critical aviation equipment) as well as the proposed acquisition of Driessen Services1 (a specialist in the outsourced repair and maintenance of ULDs and airline galley equipment) from Zodiac Aerospace.

CHEP Aerospace Solutions’ newly-appointed President, Dr Ludwig Bertsch, said: “The launch of CHEP Aerospace Solutions not only marks CHEP’s formal entry into an exciting new sector, it also represents an important industry milestone in providing an independent global pooling and repair offering for airline ULDs.

“Feedback from our airline customers and the aviation industry as a whole makes it clear that the sector is actively seeking solutions that reduce cost and increase efficiency. CHEP’s global pooling and supply-chain management experience across multiple sectors, combined with our aviation expertise, provides a world-first in end-to-end pooling solutions and repairs for airline ULDs.

“CHEP Aerospace Solutions will further grow its global network both organically and through acquisition where appropriate. In line with our strategy we are pleased therefore to announce the proposed acquisition of Driessen Services. This acquisition will further expand CHEP Aerospace Solutions repair and maintenance footprint into the American, European and Asian regions.”

Helping the aviation industry reduce its ULD costs

Once the Driessen Services acquisition is complete, CHEP Aerospace Solutions will manage and service over 190,000 ULDs and airline galley carts at more than 300 airports globally, making it the world’s largest independent network of pooled ULDs and repair centres. The service will be supported by 41 global, aviation-industry certified, repair service centres, of which 21 are fully-operated by CHEP Aerospace Solutions, combined with a Global Operations Centre which operates around the clock, every day, to provide tracking services and customer support and utilising the latest tracking technologies.

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