CHEP Australia Opens first Upgraded ‘Plant of the Future’ in Melbourne

This February, CHEP Australia officially opened it’s first ‘Plant of the Future’ upgrade in Melbourne.

CHEP plant of the future

Melbourne –  The CHEP Derrimut Service Centre is the first of four service centers nationally to be upgraded as part of a global plant automation strategy, creating more than a dozen jobs for the local community, greater efficiencies for customers, and better sustainability results for the environment.

Phillip Austin, President, CHEP Asia Pacific, said “This is the first site of its kind for our region, and I am proud of the work our team has done to bring this together. This not only creates more local jobs; we’re also ready to further support the growing needs of our customers sustainably with more capability and greater efficiency.

“As the industry gears up to meet the Australian Government’s 2025 Sustainable Packaging Targets, customers are increasingly looking to make their supply chains more sustainable and more resilient.

“The first ‘plant of the future’ site, Derrimut allow growers, producers and food manufacturers within the region to deliver life’s essentials more sustainably,” Mr. Austin said.

Pallet equipment has been added to the multi-platform site, which now includes timber pallets, plastic pallets, bins, containers, crates, and automotive platforms. The new pallet equipment has the capability to condition up to 3 million pallets per year and was built locally in Bendigo, Victoria.

Geoff Boshell, Senior Director Supply Chain, CHEP Asia Pacific, said “Benefits of a multi-platform site, include it’s a one-stop-shop for CHEP customers. We have also expanded the size of our site to house more platforms onsite, ready for when our customers need it.”

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The 24,000m2 facility includes the installation of renewable energy technologies, including solar, which has saved:
•    220 tonnes of carbon emissions;
•    5,638 trees; or
•    the equivalent of driving 1.5 million kilometers.

The site also includes a new automated bin washer and an upgraded crate washer, for greater efficiency and water conservation. 100% of all water used in the bin washer and crate washer is recycled.

All CHEP sites achieved zero product waste targets for timber and plastics in FY19. This showcases best practice product stewardship, which is a vital part of a functioning circular business.

CHEP’s circular, share, and reuse model creates efficiencies by maximizing the use of pallets, crates, and containers by continuously sharing and reusing these assets among an extensive and collaborative network. The company’s sustainable platforms form the invisible backbone of Australia’s supply chains by safely and efficiently transporting fresh produce and fast-moving consumer goods from producers to manufacturers through to retailers.

CHEP is part of the Brambles Group.