CHEP Announces FMCG Retail Display Pallet

CHEP Australia Display Pallet2A new small footprint retail ready display pallet has been launched by CHEP Australia, building on the success of CHEP’s first generation retail display pallet. The next generation pallet was designed in consultation with FMCG retail supply chain stakeholders.

The new small footprint pallet has been engineered to fit most manual handling equipment used in Australian FMCG supply chains. Pallet dimensions measure 775x 590 mm. Pallet height is 160 mm.

“We put the pallet through rigorous testing to achieve a maximum fork entry width of 735mm on the same footprint,” says Frank Vittoria, CHEP Australia Business Development Manager. He notes that the design allows manufacturers and retailers to introduce the display pallet into their supply chains without the need for any capital investment.

One notable feature that sets it apart from other display units is its ability to beam rack. The team focused at ways to introduce the new display pallet into existing racking systems. This led to the design of a “racking cradle” that enables display pallets to be racked and is also compatible with CHEP’s timber pallets. As a result, managers enjoy the convenience and flexibility of racking the new display pallet or wood pallet within the same racking system.

“We conducted tests in accordance with ISO standards to ensure that the FMCG Retail Display Pallet could be beam racked under load at elevated temperatures, and the results were positive,” explains Vittoria.

In order to deliver additional safety, the FMCG Retail Display Pallet also provides anti-slip technology. Additional rubber grommets on the top deck load minimize movement, resulting in better load containment. As well, fork lift entry points have been fitted with rubber grommets to ensure the display pallet doesn’t slip off fork tines while in transit.

The FMCG Retail Display Pallet provides all of the benefits of its predecessor. These include:

  • Reduced risk of product damage through one-touch movement from manufacturer to retail floor
  • Compatible with existing transport infrastructure, fitting three pallets across a standard truck tray when loaded ‘landscape’ and four pallets when loaded ‘portrait’
  • No nails or splinters
  • Lightweight at only 8.3kg
  • Ease of replenishment and outstanding display properties
  • Modular to CHEP’s beverage trays and reusable plastic crates
  • Immune to contamination from bacteria and pests
  • Non-porous surface

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