CHEP and Loscam Comment on Lack of Pallet Debate in Australia

While the occasionally ridiculous yet always curious pallet debate in the United States gradually loses wind, there is no debate about the most widely accepted pallet material in Australia, as outlined in a piece in the Plastics News.

While both Loscam and CHEP use wood pallets, the article does point out, for example, that CHEP has recently purchased IFCO, which has a huge pool of reusable plastic containers, as well as CAPS, which pools plastic bulk containers.

Both CHEP and Loscam feel that the high level of pallet condition and cleanliness diminish the urgency for new alternatives in the Australian market, although alternative materials have their place. “Loscam feels there is no debate to be won. Each pallet has its own utility for specific needs,” David Edwards, marketing general manager for Loscam commented in the piece.


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