CHEP and Lassonde Industries Renew Contract

CHEP has announced the extension of its contract to provide pallet services to Lassonde Industries, one of Canada’s largest juice and grocery marketers.

Lassonde transports its branded and private label fruit and vegetable juices, specialty foods, soups, sauces and other products on CHEP pallets from plants throughout Canada to supermarkets, mass retailers, convenience stores, club stores and foodservice operators in Canada and the USA.

Lassonde previously used an industry-operated exchange system in Canada before moving to the CHEP program more than 10 years ago to optimize pallet availability and improve administration and operational efficiencies. The company also wanted to standardize the shipping platform across its three operating units.

Lassonde Industries Inc. develops, manufactures and markets an innovative and distinctive line of fruit and vegetable juices and drinks as well as specialty food products such as fondue broths and sauces, soups, sauces and gravies, canned corn-on-the-cob, bruschetta toppings, tapenades, pestos and sauces for pasta and pizza. Lassonde Industries Inc. imports selected wines from several countries of origin for packaging and marketing purposes. It also imports and markets olive oil. Nearly 1,300 employees contribute to the Company’s growth and to offering customers quality products.

Jason Adlam, Vice President, Sales & Customer Service, CHEP Canada, said: “Lassonde is known as an innovative company that invests heavily in both its people and in business processes, so it’s gratifying that they trust our pallet and our people to help get their product safely to the end consumer. We will continue to develop solutions that will help Lassonde and its trading partners become even more efficient.”

Denis Parent, Director of Logistics at Lassonde, said: “CHEP continues to provide us with consistent, high quality pallets that help reduce wasted resources and eliminate inefficiencies in the warehouse caused by sub-standard pallets. We also appreciate the customer service they provide to support the program.”

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