CHEP Aerospace Acquisition in Denmark

Copenhagen, April 12, 2012 (STAT):- Following the acquisition of Driessen Services by its parent company, CHEP Aerospace Solutions has acquired a Unit Load Device (ULD) services site in Copenhagen from Nordisk Aviation Products. This would enable CHEP Aerosolutions to repair 12,000 ULDs each year in addition to thousands of galley carts. This assumes commercial importance because Copenhagen is the hub for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) .Copenhagen is also important as the distribution hub of Northern Europe.

CHEP Aerospace Solutions Director, Global Maintenance and Repair, James Everett, said: “Our move into Copenhagen complements our extensive network of ULD and galley cart repair stations. In addition to serving SAS, one of our key clients, the site also provides a great opportunity for other airlines to save fuel costs in shipping damaged containers, pallets or galley carts by having them repaired here in Denmark.”

Frode Ljøterud, President of Nordisk Aviation Products, said: “Nordisk has provided ULD Maintenance and Repair Organisation (MRO) services through numerous stations over the past years. It was important to enable continuous MRO service at Copenhagen to SAS, and to secure the employment of our co-workers. The agreement with CHEP Aerospace Solutions enabled us to meet our objectives, as CHEP is a strong and sustainable partner and employer.”


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