Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design Announces Pallet Design and Unit Load Design Short Courses

The Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design at Virginia Tech has announced two upcoming short courses. Offered on August 4-6, 2015 is its Wood Pallet Design and Performance short course, subtitled “Pallet Design in the 21st Century.” The course will be of interest to wood pallet suppliers and sales professionals, professionals responsible for pallet purchases, packaging engineers and pallet specifiers.

 Led by Brad Gething (Technical and PDS™ Manager at NWPCA)  and Dr. Laszlo Horvath, Director, Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design, Pallet Design course topics include: effect of pallet design and selection on materials handling costs; fundamentals of new and remanufactured stringer class pallet design; designing block class pallets; and designing stringer and block class pallets using PDS™


The Unit Load Design short course, subtitled “How to Use Pallet Design Differently,” is offered on September 15-17, 2015 and will be of particular interest towood pallet manufacturers, pallet brokers and pallet repair operators. It is led by Marshall S. White (Professor Emeritus and CEO of White and Company)  and Laszlo Horvath (Director, Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design)

Topics include:  Principles of unit load design; Unit load material handling audit procedures; Packaging design; Pallet design; Material handling systems; Interactions between material handling equipment, packaging, and pallets; Diagnosing and solving material handling problems; stringer and block class pallet design using Best Load™.

Registration and Lodging Information

Registration: Virginia Tech Outreach Program Development at (540) 231-5182


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