Government is treating the symptom, not the cause of plastic pollution

In response to public pressure, the government is tackling plastic pollution by addressing individual uses of plastic, like some plastic bags and microbeads. While bans on items likely to damage the environment are necessary, this approach completely fails to deal with the root of the problem and, worse, is storing up new environmental issues for … [Read more...]

Brambles takes the top spot as the most sustainable company globally

Dow Jones’ Barron’s magazine ranks the supply-chain logistics company as world-wide leader Sydney, Australia – 10 March 2020 – Brambles, the leading supply-chain logistics company operating in more than 60 countries primarily through the CHEP brand, has received the highest score in the Dow Jones Barron’s sustainability ranking, rated as … [Read more...]

CHEP and Digital Catapult challenge tech start-ups to pitch carbon reduction ideas

Tech firms urged to pitch their AI, machine learning and blockchain-inspired ideas Manchester, February 2020: Innovation hub Digital Catapult has teamed with supply chain specialist CHEP and with Siemens to challenge tech start-ups in the UK and Germany to address key issues facing the transport and logistics industry, such as minimising empty … [Read more...]

Brambles: a key contributor to the development and testing of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s new circularity assessment tool for companies

Circulytics is the first assessment tool that enables individual businesses to accurately measure the circular economy preparedness and performance of their company as a whole London, 14 January 2020 – Today marks the launch of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s circularity assessment tool – Circulytics. Promoted as “the most comprehensive … [Read more...]

Molded Fiber is Shaping the Future

By Keith Brazzell Across all industries, consumers and B2B buyers are paying closer attention to where their products and packaging come from. Movements like Farm to Table and Shop Local have taken hold, but they’re no longer restricted to food and retail items. Decision-makers are asking tough questions about packaging and single-use disposable … [Read more...]

Food for Life-IFCO Partnership Takes a Bite Out of Food Waste

Donated IFCO RPCs – ‘little agents of change’ -- generate an increase in rescued food donations, meals served, efficiency, sustainability for Ontario, Canada, communities Tampa, Florida, December 10, 2019:  Food for Life, a food rescue organization in Ontario, Canada, reported the number of food donations from food retailers has increased … [Read more...]

CHEP, Kimberly-Clark and SmartWay Logistics find the formula to reduce empty running and CO2 emissions through logistics collaboration

Kimberly-Clark’s logistics supplier will share trucks with the pallet pooling company CHEP on the Czech Republic – UK route, reducing empty running by at least 10 percent. SmartWay Logistics, the 4PL brand of Van der Wal, will act as a trustee and operations partner. Utrecht, 21 October 2019 - Starting from September 2019, trucks transporting … [Read more...]

CHEP launches Zero Waste World in Europe

The initiative aims to avoid waste, eliminate empty runs and eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain Cologne, October 15, 2019 - CHEP, a global leader in supply chain solutions, announced a new initiative called "Zero Waste World" at two major European events: the IGD Supply Chain Summit in London and the Sustainable Brands Madrid … [Read more...]

Open Challenge to Identify Sustainable Protective Packaging Solutions

October 14, 2019 Challenge invites entrepreneurs and start-ups to showcase their solutions for the fast-growing category of protective packaging for B2B and e-commerce.  CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA —  The Sustainable Packaging Coalition(SPC) has officially launched the Protective Packaging Design Challenge, an open competition for innovators, … [Read more...]

Brambles continues sustainability success in 2020 commitments

Customer collaboration programs produce significant reductions in packaging waste, carbon emissions, and empty kilometers according to the company’s annual Sustainability Review. Sydney, Australia, September 30, 2019 – Brambles, the global supply-chain solutions company operating in nearly 60 countries, reports on their sustainability success … [Read more...]