Consumer Watchdog Warns Of Bottle Deposit System Collapse Without Major Reform

Proposes Blueprint Including Beverage Industry Responsibility For Empties To Make Deposit Refunds As Easy As Buying Beverages Los Angeles, CA—Consumer Watchdog reported today that a major overhaul of the state’s once-vaunted bottle deposit system is needed to make drink makers responsible for refunding deposits or consumers will continue to lose … [Read more...]

E-commerce packaging innovations aimed at making online sales flow for beverage brands

The (R)Ecommerce lid that converts standard crates into e-commerce packs and Giftbee, the first ever purpose-designed reusable e-commerce pack for glass bottles, chart two paths to crack open online sales. [BILZEN-BELGIUM 11 November 2019] The potential of online sales for beverage makers is enormous, and largely untapped until now. DS Smith … [Read more...]

Majority of Canadians are willing to pay more for sustainably packaged food products

  TORONTO, Nov. 6, 2019 - Sustainably sourced packaged material is becoming a leading factor in Canadians' purchasing decisions, with 62% of Canadians willing to pay more for such products. According to Asia Pulp & Paper's third annual Attitudes Towards Sustainability report, 74% of Canadians consider sustainability an important … [Read more...]

Sobeys pilots Smart Cart, the first intelligent grocery shopping cart

The grocery supply chain deals with obstructions from start to finish. From inbound ingredient receiving to outbound shipping, then to the DC receiving dock through order assembly and retail delivery, there are plenty of checkpoints that act as bottlenecks. Necessary as they might be to verify shipment accuracy, they slow the flow of goods. … [Read more...]

The Ferrero Group Unveils New Packaging Goal

• The Ferrero Group releases its 10th Corporate Social Responsibility Report • Ferrero commits to make all packaging 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 • Ferrero signs the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment The Ferrero Group has released its 10th Corporate Social Responsibility Report and … [Read more...]

GreenPeace: We Need a Reuse Revolution

  Greenpeace USA calls for increased packaging reuse rather than switching to paper or bioplastics Washington, DC – A recent Greenpeace USA report, Throwing Away the Future: How Companies Still Have It Wrong on Plastic Pollution “Solutions,” warns consumers to be skeptical of the so-called solutions announced by multinational … [Read more...]

Zalando Tests Reusable Packaging for Delivery

Carbon dioxide and waste could be significantly reduced by the principle of reuse.   Zalando is launching a four-week pilot to test reusable packaging for the delivery of customer orders with RePack, an enterprise that gained traction following a successful stint in Fashion for Good's accelerator program. 10,000 customers … [Read more...]

Nestlé inaugurates packaging research institute, first-of-its-kind in the food industry

  Nestlé officially inaugurated the Institute of Packaging Sciences last week, a facility which it describes as a "first-of-its-kind in the food industry." Nestlé states the new Institute enables it  to accelerate efforts to bring functional, safe and environmentally friendly packaging solutions to the market and to address the global … [Read more...]

H&M Group’s Weekday to trial Repack this autumn

Online shopping is increasing and with that packaging waste. H&M Group is convinced that it must make a shift from a linear packaging model to circular solutions. H&M Group’s the Laboratory is collaborating with Weekday to make online shopping more sustainable, by using reusable packaging and on-demand manufacturing. Earlier this year, … [Read more...]

Molson Coors strives for 100% reusable, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging by 2025

Molson Coors is targeting 100% of its packaging to be reusable, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025 as part of a new list of sustainability goals outlined in its new annual sustainability report. Spoiler alert, however, I didn't notice any specific initiatives to act on reusability, in spite of it being the lead item in its INNOVATE … [Read more...]