Top Benefits Of Adopting Flexible Packaging

Packaging plays a major in the marketing and promotion of a company’s product. More and more businesses are adopting flexible packaging in place of plastic bottles, paper bags, and cardboard packages. While flexible packaging is not perfect for all kinds of products, it can be an ideal option for many products such as baked goods, seafood, frozen … [Read more...]

RPP Containers Introduces new Pallet Pack All-in-One

  This announcement originally appeared on Sept. 8, 2015 The DuraGreen Pallet Pack from RPP Containers has been a favorite of shipping and warehousing operations since the product’s inception in 2011. The lightweight, 60 lb., reusable container, consisting of three interlocking and nestable components – plastic pallet, sleeve, and … [Read more...]

Wood Pallets Still Lead in Volume for Export Pallet Selection 2016

Continued from Page 1 of Export Pallet Selection Trends 2016 Wood Pallets for Export and in Developing Nations For Sukhi Brar of Surrey, B.C.'s Advance Pallet, the conversation around pallet selection, as it is for almost everyone, is largely driven by price. And that long attractive price and performance tradeoff has ensured the dominance of … [Read more...]

Plastic Export Pallet Selection Trends 2016

This is Page 3 of Export Pallet Selection Trends 2016. Follow these links to Page 1 and Page 2 (Wood pallet selection for export).   Export Plastic Pallet Selection Trends 2016 Plastic pallet vendors report continuing to see year-on-year gains in their sales. Such is the case for Mathew Busby, owner of Calgary, Alberta-based Ak-West … [Read more...]

Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation (TIMCON) signs international pallet software agreement

The Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation has signed a new agreement with the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) for its enhanced Pallet Design System (PDS). PDS is a powerful software tool that allows pallet companies to optimize wood pallet design for specific applications. The agreement gives TIMCON exclusive … [Read more...]

Plastic Collar Can Help Reduce Shipping Costs and Prevent Damage reports that its versatile plastic pallet collar is proving to be a popular addition to the company’s range of pallet accessories. "Historically stretch wrapping and pallet walls have been used to offer added protection to palletised goods to avoid damage and unauthorised access, but these solutions are only suitable for a … [Read more...]

Biofiba Agrees to Joint Venture Transfer of Technology, Production to Begin in China

Biofiba has announced entry into a joint venture transfer of technology deal with Huaxin Green Spring Environmental Co. Ltd, of Beijing China. The Gosford, NSW Australia-based firm will see its unique and patented technology utilized for the extrusion of biocomposite material produced at a freshly built 20,000 square meter manufacturing plant, … [Read more...]