LPR: certified quality, the pillar of efficient and responsible logistics

PLR - La Palette Rouge (Euro Pool Group Division), the European pallet-pooling specialist, is establishing its position as a "best in class" supplier in terms of the quality of its products, processes and services. This is in keeping with its active commitment to a Social and Environmental Responsibility policy for over ten years. Certified … [Read more...]

Eric Biddiscombe Joins Polymer Logistics as Country Manager for Canada

Industry Veteran Brings Retail and Supply Expertise to Leadership Role in Canada Tampa, FL (September 18, 2018) - Polymer Logistics, a global leader in reusable packaging and merchandising systems, has announced that Eric Biddiscombe has joined the company as Country Manager, Canada. In his new role, Eric is responsible for all aspects of … [Read more...]

RM2 Provides Progress Update

RM2 says that business leaders are increasingly aware of the benefits that RM2 ELIoT smart pallets can deliver Update September 14, 2018. RM2 has announced interim results for the six months to June 30, 2018. Financial summary  Revenues for H1 2018 of US$2.6 million (H1 2017: US$3.7 million) Loss after tax for the period … [Read more...]

Smart Promotions: CHEP Offers Digital Proximity Marketing Service

CHEP Germany has introduced a new, digital point of sale service POS service called "Smart Promotions," according to a German language press release. Marketers, manufacturers and food retailers now have access to a proximity marketing tool that can effectively increase sales. Smart Promotions give shoppers in the store individual pointers to sales … [Read more...]

Cartonplast best practice for transporting glass, cans and PET containers

How plastic layer pads make production processes efficient and flexible Cartonplast Group (CPL) offers Europe's most successful outsourcing transportation system with plastic layer pads (PLPs) on a rental basis for glass, cans and PET containers. The following CPL best practice examples provide insights into the practice of the work … [Read more...]

Brambles announces FY 2018 results: US Pallet Volumes Rebound

Results feature strong revenue growth, dividends fully funded by free cash flow and progress toward strategic objectives Brambles Highlights Sales revenue up 6% at constant currency largely reflecting strong volume growth in key CHEP pallet and IFCO RPC businesses. Price growth of one percentage point included benefits of pricing … [Read more...]

When Did Reusable Pallet Pooling Begin?

Early pallet pools emerged in the 1940s and became the beginning of a much larger logistics trend. The pooling of reusable packaging and pallets is an important component of today’s supply chain efficiency and sustainability efforts. While pooling is often embraced as a recent trend that has become increasingly popular over the last decade or … [Read more...]

Sonoco ThermoSafe and United Cargo Launch Global Partnership to Lease PharmaPort® 360 Temperature Control Bulk Shippers

Sonoco ThermoSafe and United Cargo announced a global partnership agreement for the leasing of the PharmaPort 360 temperature controlled bulk shipping container. The agreement enables pharmaceutical shippers to lease PharmaPort 360 containers directly from United Cargo. The PharmaPort 360 is a smart active container, distinguished as the only … [Read more...]

Cut the Scrap! 8 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Pallets and Crating

Looking to get rid of unwanted pallets and packaging? You can eliminate scrap pallets or crating material quickly, and perhaps sell those unwanted pallets, with a little planning. The accumulation of scrap wood pallets, dunnage and wooden crating is a problem for many facilities. In a perfect world, you would be able to reuse the emptied … [Read more...]

EPAL CP pallets: Trials at leading global polymer manufacturer, Covestro

Materials manufacturer, Covestro Deutschland AG starts first trial with 5,000 quality-tested EPAL CP pallets at European locations Covestro is set to be the first large chemicals producer to trial EPAL's newly licensed CP Pallet range. Covestro is planning to deploy the new independently tested EPAL CP pallets as their load carriers of … [Read more...]