Unilode, Safran and OnAsset complete the development of a breakthrough solution for the seamless integration of digital Bluetooth tags in aviation pallets

Unilode Aviation Solutions, Safran and OnAsset Intelligence are proud to announce the successful completion of their joint development project that has delivered the world's best and unique form factor, corner piece and attachment method for the digital enablement of aviation pallets, which is an essential element in Unilode's digital … [Read more...]

Global Wood Packaging Website Launched

  March 8, 2019 – A collaboration of allied wood packaging organizations and representatives from around the world are proud to announce a new website launch, globalwoodpackagingforum.org. The Global Wood Packaging Forum website offers a clean, modern design, easy navigation, and helpful tools and resources for wood packaging professionals … [Read more...]

Introducing the Tive Solo™: Tive Releases $29 Single-Use Supply Chain Tracker

New low-cost single-use tracker provides real-time visibility across the supply chain while eliminating reverse logistics challenges CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Tive, Inc., a provider of in-transit supply chain tracking solutions, has announced the release of its new tracker product: the Tive Solo™. The Tive Solo is a $29 single-use supply chain tracker, … [Read more...]

History of the Forklift

This article from The Palletizer, a U.S. Naval magazine for suppliers during the Second World War, reviews the history of the fork truck, up to the mid-1940s. The Palletizer was a key communication medium of the Navy to share materials handling best practices with its suppliers.   History of the Fork Truck Handling advantages once … [Read more...]

Western Pallet Association Members Share Their Thoughts Regarding Pallet Facility Automation

Attendees heard that one of the key points about automation is providing a better experience for employees rather than replacing them at the Automation Panel: Investments with Best Returns, which took place at the 2019 WPA Annual Meeting in Rancho Mirage, California. Panel participants included (from left to right, photo above) Jorge Erosa of San … [Read more...]

The Case for Robotic Assembly of Custom Wood Pallets

To thrive in business today, companies must respond to increasing customer demands. “As trends for stronger, more durable and sustainable pallets grow, the need to accommodate high mix - low volume production is essential for manufacturers wanting to stay competitive,” said Doug Wenninger, President, and CEO of Alliance Automation, LLC (Van … [Read more...]

SRS launches new half pallet made with recycled pallets

Svenska Retursystem has launched a new half pallet that is manufactured in Sweden from a blend of end-of-life SRS pallets (50%) and virgin resin (50%). This means that the half pallets will have a closed circular material flow, in the same way that the company's return boxes (RPCs) have enjoyed for many years. "Our mission is to streamline and … [Read more...]

Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design Announces Pallet Design Short Course April 23-25, 2019

Pallet Design for the 21st Century, April 23-25, 2019 at Virginia Tech   What is the short course about? To be held April 23-25, 2019 at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA, this intensive three-day short course will teach techniques that pallet designers can use to save money when designing pallets by considering the interactions between … [Read more...]

Leading plastic pallet supplier pledges to recycle ALL plastic pallets and boxes

Goplasticpallets.com has pledged to recycle every plastic pallet and plastic box it supplies to customers. This announcement comes in the wake of the huge amount of negative media coverage on single-use plastics and the devastating impact it is having on our environment and marine life. Last October 250 major brands vowed to eliminate all … [Read more...]

Coca-Cola European Partners and Finland’s largest dairy start shipping on reusable plastic pool pallet from Svenska Retursystem

  Coca-Cola European Partners joins Svenska Retursystem and switches from wooden pallets to the gray plastic full-sized pallet from Svenska Retursystem for all customers in Sweden. From February, the company starts distributing its beverage products on the "climate-smart return pallet." "Sustainability has been something that permeates … [Read more...]