Pallets Market Set to Hit US$ 95 Bn by 2029

 Smart pallet adoption is trending upward, says PMR report Significant demand generated from manufacturers and retailers in food & beverages, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries continues to drive sales of pallets in the global market. Poised for a  market value of US$ 95 Bn towards the end of 2029, the global pallets market is … [Read more...]

FMCG Pallet & Container Seasonal Hot Spots

When it comes to pallets and containers, is your peak season supply chain sizzling, or is it scorched? So, how is your high season execution unfolding so far? While this is the season of craziness for retail supply chains, it is worth your while to take a few moments to note the highs and the lows of your reusable pallet and container … [Read more...]

CHEP Recognized as Leader in Sustainability by APCO

  SYDNEY – 17 December 2019 – CHEP Australia has been recognized as a leader in sustainability at the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation Annual Awards in Melbourne. CHEP, a supply chain solutions specialist, won the overall APCO Sustainable Packaging Excellence award, recognizing dedication to collaboration with customers and to … [Read more...]

Regional Pallet Workshops to Be Held in France During 2020

PALBOIS Meetings: SYPAL (FNB Pallet Commission) to Organize Regional Pallet Workshops in France During 2020 The wooden pallet is the central link in the handling and storage system for products and goods all over the world. To promote the advantages of this essential logistics tool, the FNB/SYPAL Pallets Commission and France Bois Régions … [Read more...]

Choosing the Best Pallet or Reusable Packaging Color

Things to think about when choosing pallet and reusable packaging color for your operations The color of a pallet remains an important consideration for many pallet pools. Just ask CHEP or other pallet and reusable packaging pools around the world that utilize specific colors to promote better control of their assets. While a variety of … [Read more...]

PAKi continues to roll out the e-Voucher across Europe

Cross-border Euro-pallet exchange management in real-time: PAKi continues to roll out the e-Voucher across Europe PAKi will roll out the e-Voucher in 25 countries in Europe. With the digital pallet voucher, which can be used throughout Europe, PAKi is establishing a more efficient standard for pallet voucher management in the market, … [Read more...]

A year of positive growth for

For December has always been an important month. It’s a time when the whole team comes together to reflect on the year that’s past to celebrate achievements and to prepare for the year ahead. A major highlight for this year was launching its Responsibility policy and recycling scheme. As the first … [Read more...]

Over 40 Years Service and Technology Leadership for Japan Pallet Rental

Japan Pallet Rental. (This story first appeared in February 2017, with updates.) With a pool of over 8.5 million pallets, Japan Pallet Rental Corporation is the leading pallet rental provider in Japan. And while it was launched as wood pallet rental service back in 1971, it began introducing plastic pallets in 2000. Today, plastic pallets … [Read more...]

BaYoPal® Plastic Pallet Hard to Break and Easy to Repair

Schoeller Allibert’s new plastic pallet, BaYoPal® is designed for use in harsh industrial and logistics environments, and also works seamlessly on most automated handling systems, according to the company. Offering maximized rigidity and safety, BaYoPal® is returnable, recyclable and repairable – a fundamental asset for companies committed to … [Read more...]

The Drop & Drive APP makes Europallets drop-off in Germany more efficient

Drop & Drive App from pooling specialist PAKi simplifies the drop-off of exchanged pallets, thanks to digitalized processes that eradicate paperwork. PAKi, a specialist for the Europe-wide pooling of standardized, exchangeable load carriers, has been testing its Drop & Drive App, a new completely digital platform for efficient … [Read more...]