Updated: Plasgad Establishes New Production Facility in North Carolina

Updated: Plasgad is expanding in the United States. It has established a new company in the USA with RPM, a local partner, involving the investment of millions of dollars in purchasing a production site in North Carolina  The deal, which was signed a few weeks ago, includes purchasing production activity from RPM, an American player who will … [Read more...]

You Can Make Pallets Out of What?

Alternative pallet materials: The ag industry doesn't need to look far afield for sustainable pallet alternatives Almost all companies are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and to become more efficient in the process. What if you could turn your harvest residuals or production scrap into your own pallets, thus eliminating … [Read more...]

How Pallet Collars Will Fit Into 2019 Industrial Packaging Trends

Pallet collars are completely on trend with the predictions for 2019 industrial packaging. It is not too difficult to figure out what is going to be trending when it comes to packaging in 2019 but many businesses do not realize how pallet collars can help to be on the forefront of those trends. What Is a Pallet Collar? A pallet collar is a … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Launches America’s First Narrowband IoT Asset Tracking Solution

T-Mobile for Business and Roambee team up to provide a comprehensive, proven asset tracking solution that pairs perfectly with America’s first NB-IoT network  -- What’s the news? The first narrowband IoT asset tracking solution is now available nationwide from T-Mobile for Business.   -- Why does it matter? Traditional approaches to asset … [Read more...]

Why Palletize?

Why palletize? The palletization of goods provides many benefits for supply chain operations.   Move one box at a time or up to one hundred? Pallets were largely accepted to be one of the two greatest innovations of the Twentieth Century, along with the barcode. And while the use of pallets along with the palletization of materials … [Read more...]

Pallet & Pooling News Briefs: Greystone Logistics Announces $6.8 Million Contract

Pallet and pooling news briefs Brepal Rebrands as EPAL UK & Ireland EPAL has been working hard to unify its brand across all countries, to ensure customers and licensees can always expect a consistent high standard of presentation which is inline with the values of the EPAL brand. To this end, the UK and Irish office of EPAL will no longer … [Read more...]

Free Pallets – Ten Places Where to Find Free or Low Cost Pallets

    Editor's note: Do you have pallets you need to be removed? People looking for pallets have posted their contact information in the comment section below. Wondering where to find free or low-cost pallets? I often receive inquiries about where to find such pallets to start a home craft project, or more steady sources of … [Read more...]

Pallet Rental: What Does CHEP Do?

CHEP pallets dominate the pallet rental market for fast-moving consumer goods. CHEP, a Brambles company, is the world’s leading provider of pallet and container rental or hire services, serving over 500,000 customer locations in more than 55 countries, served by 775 service centers. With an inventory of more than 300 million of its distinctive … [Read more...]

Robert Holliger re-elected President of EPAL

  Düsseldorf, 25th July 2019 – On 28th June in Toulouse, France, the General Assembly of the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) unanimously confirmed the appointment of the incumbent President, Robert Holliger, and the whole EPAL Board, for a further three years in office. Robert Holliger is a founding member of EPAL and since 2010, has … [Read more...]

UK Food-to-Go Sector to Grow 26.4% by 2024

Channel set to experience double the growth of wider UK food and grocery market, sets stage for focus on reusable supply chain packaging. The UK food-to-go market is forecast to be worth £23.4bn by 2024, up from £18.5bn in 2019, growing by 26.4%. According to new research from IGD, the channel is set to experience double the growth of the wider … [Read more...]