New European Pallet B1208A Results in Damage Reduction for CHEP Italy

Pallet News Briefs     January 16, 2020 - Just after a year since introducing the new European pallet B1208A in Italy, the new unit is recording very positive results, according to an Italian press report. Against more than 1.5 million pallets placed, the defects of the top deck are reduced by more than 50%, the … [Read more...]

Private Equity Firm Buys Majority Stake in Kamps

Private equity interest in the pallet industry continues to surface. One private equity firm, Freeman Spogli & Company, today announced purchasing a majority share in Grand Rapids, Michigan based Kamps, Inc. Founder and CEO Bernie Kamps will continue to lead the Company and remains a significant shareholder. Other members of the Company's … [Read more...]

JD Logistics Drives China’s Logistics Ecosystem Development with Help of EPAL

Partnership with global pallet Leader EPAL to improve efficiency and reduce impact JD Cloud Box will offer online platform, pallet leasing services and repair for EPAL pallets In December 2019, JD Logistics became the world’s first e-commerce platform authorized to leverage the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL)’s industry-leading … [Read more...]

Brambles: a key contributor to the development and testing of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s new circularity assessment tool for companies

Circulytics is the first assessment tool that enables individual businesses to accurately measure the circular economy preparedness and performance of their company as a whole London, 14 January 2020 – Today marks the launch of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s circularity assessment tool – Circulytics. Promoted as “the most comprehensive … [Read more...]

12 Benefits of Buying Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets offer terrific benefits in the right applications. Here are 12 basic benefits to consider. Why buy plastic pallets? While wood pallets dominate the North American market to the tune of 95% or more of market share, plastic, wood composite, paper and metal all have their place in the right application. After wood, plastic is the … [Read more...]

The Netherlands brewing industry pallet pool: an interview with Christiaan Hamminga

A cooperative industry pallet pool has successfully served the brewing industry in the Netherlands since 1994. It transitioned from a standard wood pallet to plastic pallets in 2012, resulting in longer pallet life and improved functionality, according to DPE.    Christiaan Hamminga is Director of Dranken Pallet Beheer (DPB), the … [Read more...]

Sweden’s reusable packaging system for food reduced carbon dioxide emissions by tens of thousands of tonnes

IVA's latest industry report states that more efficient transport and more climate-smart choices of packaging and pallets are crucial in a future that will be constrained by limited resources. In 2019, record quantities of food were distributed in the Swedish food industry's common return system for pallets and secondary … [Read more...]

CHEP Quarter Pallet Movements Up 12.1% Year on Year in UK

CHEP, the leading FMCG and retail end-to-end supply chain specialist, reports that it is bringing brands closer to consumers and that it helped deliver a more sustainable Christmas in 2019, with a little help from its quarter pallet solution. Also read: Why Quarter Pallets? FAQ The company has been working with suppliers to the UK’s … [Read more...]

Leasing Options for Reusable Packaging Equipment Acquisition: Q&A with AAM

Leasing can provide a quicker and easier path to reusable B2B packaging for your company, says AAM Durable reusable packaging systems generally can be relied upon to deliver a lower cost per use than expendable alternatives while providing additional benefits such as improved product protection, better interaction with automated systems and … [Read more...]

Pallets Market Set to Hit US$ 95 Bn by 2029

 Smart pallet adoption is trending upward, says PMR report Significant demand generated from manufacturers and retailers in food & beverages, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries continues to drive sales of pallets in the global market. Poised for a  market value of US$ 95 Bn towards the end of 2029, the global pallets market is … [Read more...]