What Came First, The Pallet or the Forklift?

The history of the forklift and the pallet is intertwined. Did the pallet come first, or was it the forklift? This question was posed decades ago by the earliest pallet industry pioneers such as the late Bill Sardo, the first president of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association and it still comes up today. The correct answer … [Read more...]

Pallet Pools Offer Public Warehouses New Service Opportunities (Historic Reprint)

from D & W, January 1945 www.packagingrevolution.net is pleased to present another key article from the formative years of palletization. After the war, between one and three million surplus pallets may be disposed of by the government. Commercial shipments of palletized unit loads are expected to become common. Some pooling method for … [Read more...]

If You Can’t Make Some Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen

The title of this piece, a twist on Harry Truman's classic quote about not standing the heat, is a call by business writer John Maxwell for leaders to act proactively and make a difference. But often there are barriers to continuous improvement. One such hurdle is success itself. For reusable pallet and packaging programs as in life, good can be … [Read more...]

Retail Ready Packaging and RTP: A View from the UK

Back in 2010 I posted to a LinkedIn group about retail ready packaging, and in particular, to a story on RRP which is no longer available online. One thing that struck me about the article was that reusable transport packaging was not mentioned explicitly. Back in the 1990s, I commented, it seemed that being shelf ready was one of the enormous … [Read more...]

Reusable Packaging: Is It Really So HARD TO HOLD? (Part 1)

Reusable pallet and container theft - this story first appeared in May 2010, and still contains useful information. (Read a more recent discussion: Prevent reusable asset loss by giving reusables a voice) Reusable Pallets and Containers: Why Do Some Pallet and Container Users Struggle to Maintain Control of Assets? With the headline … [Read more...]

Four Strong Winds: Reusable Transport Packaging Ready for Prime Time?

Updated January 2016 Sudden change, counter-intuitively, is anything but sudden. Just like the old analogy of the lily pads that establish a toehold on a large pond. They diligently yet subtly double every day until on the 28th day they cover one-quarter of the water. On the 29th day they blanket half of it. And on the 30th day they consume the … [Read more...]

Are Reusables Really So…HARD TO HOLD? (Part 2)

To review the first installment od our report on reusable container and pallet theft, click here. The feature continues below. The Importance of Pallet and Container Management in Reducing Loss While theft was found to be at the heart of pallet and container loss for the collaborating Baltimore companies, others believe that poor management … [Read more...]

Reusables: To Use Perchance to Love…

The triple bottom line justification for reusable container and pallet usage in many applications is compelling, but potential buyers can struggle with the best way to move forward with reusables. At the end of the day, sometimes it comes down to love. For one new www.packagingrevolution.net reader, the solution was straight forward. In his … [Read more...]

QLM Continued – Pallet Level RFID

Continued from Page 1 "I think RFID on a pallet level makes a lot of sense because you don’t slow down loading or unloading of a truck," Michael told the Packer. "It just passes through the gateway and everything gets checked. I think you will see RFID on a pallet level more and also on an item level in the next three to five years. The cost of … [Read more...]

QLM’s McCartney on the Food Safety Modernization Act

It's 10 p.m., do you know where your cabbages are? Seriously, Michael McCartney of QLM Consulting, a long time friend of the Packaging Revolution and respected thought leader in the areas of reusable transport packaging, RFID, traceability and food safety, has been in the news recently with respect to  the Food Safety Modernization Act. He … [Read more...]