Reusable Sleeve Pack System for Global Shipment of High-Performance Pumps

Multi-material Repeat Use Pallet System Provides the Highest Level of Protection for EBARA’s High-Performance Pumps Shipped around the Globe. DS Smith’s optimised transit packaging solution utilised a material-neutral approach to develop a heavy duty pack to meet all EBARA’s design criteria. The Reusable Packaging Challenge EBARA Precision … [Read more...]

Reusable Trays and Tarps Help Finelite Eliminate Solid Waste

Finelite, Inc. manufactures high-efficiency lighting systems for schools, offices and other workplaces where lighting performance and visual comfort are essential. The company has two focuses on waste reduction. One is lean manufacturing, the whole purpose of which is to reduce waste. “We try to streamline processes and become as efficient as … [Read more...]

Sonoco Protective Solutions Wiper Blade Assembly Case Study – Redesign Saves OEM $300,000 Per Year

New reusable packaging solution offers $1.5 million savings over 5 year project life. A Tier 1 automotive supplier supplying windshield wiper blade assemblies to a major automotive OEM was struggling with their existing packaging for the latest model of the wiper blade assembly.  The existing packaging held the components in a vertical position, … [Read more...]