Pallets and Hurricanes

  Dr.  Marshall (Mark) White shares the story of one unique request which involved pallets and hurricanes. It has been quite a hurricane season in 2017. We have all seen videos of hurricane damage this year. Many of those videos show the danger of flying debris. This reminded me of a request to me as Director of the Pallet and Container … [Read more...]

Metal Pallet Buyers Guide – Supplier List

Are you looking for a metal pallet supplier? Metal pallets are known to be the "cleanest" pallets on the market in terms of ability to sanitization, but also often some of the highest priced units. Because they are so durable, a high price tag can easily translate into terrific value over the long haul.Whether aluminum, stainless steel or steel, … [Read more...]

PACK EXPO Report So Far

What to do with all of that/how to fit all of that empty corrugated in the blue box? The last of a busy day of presentations at the Reusables Learning Center featured a panel discussion of the potential to improve e-commerce fulfillment. Panel members included: Tim Debus, President & CEO, Reusable Packaging Association Bob … [Read more...]

LANTECH’S 45 Years of Test Data Affirms Time-Tested Load Security Formula

North American companies take notice as EU manufacturers seek load stability solution. Poorly secured truck shipments cause an estimated $50 billion of in-transit damage globally every year (Reference: Inbound Logistics, January 2004).  At present, there are no official standards governing load stability during shipment. However, there is a … [Read more...]

Modern’s 2017 Pallet Survey and Webcast Highlights

Modern Materials Handling recently released the welcome results of its 2017 reader pallet survey, along with the accompanying annual webcast, featuring remarks from Dr. Mark White (click here to watch the presentation replay.) As an annual survey, it is one of the few consistent windows we have into the U.S. pallet market. (We also just posted the … [Read more...]

Still No Respect: Australian Industry Survey Continues to Look at Pallets as “Necessary Evil”; Challenged by Pallet Management and Loss

  In spite of all the hype about Internet of Things, Big Data, food hygiene and more emerging trends, a new pallet survey from Australia shows that pallets still are viewed as a necessary evil rather than as an opportunity to enhance their supply chains. Offered as an online survey, the Australian Pallet Survey 2017 received responses from … [Read more...]

RPA Pavilion Exhibitors and Preliminary Learning Center Presentation Schedule

Once again, the RPA has put together its Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, a format which allows attendees to explore a complete range of reusable packaging solution providers all conveniently located in the same area of PACK EXPO, as well as to attend a very solid group of presentations at Reusables Learning Center. Whether you … [Read more...]

History of the Forklift

This article from The Palletizer, a U.S. Naval magazine for suppliers during the Second World War, reviews the history of the fork truck, up to the mid-1940s. The Palletizer was a key communication medium of the Navy to share materials handling best practices with its suppliers.   History of the Fork Truck Handling advantages once … [Read more...]

A Powerful Innovation: University of Newcastle and CHEP Sign a Partnership to Test Printed Solar Cell Panels in a Commercial Environment

A University of Newcastle (UON) research team at the Centre for Organic Electronics (COE) has recently developed a ground-breaking innovation that has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses and households across Australia and the world are powered. Led by Professor Paul Dastoor, the team at the university have come up with a method of … [Read more...]

John Deere: Tracking Reusable Packaging in a Global Assembly Manufacturing Supply Chain

Still a very useful case study, this story was posted in 2012. Written by Jerry Wel­come, former Reusable Pack­ag­ing Asso­ci­a­tion Pres­i­dent, with input from Lyle Schmitt, Man­ager, Global Pack­ag­ing and Qual­ity, John Deere; and mem­ber, Reusable Pack­ag­ing Association. Whether you’re a farmer or an occa­sional week­end gar­dener, almost … [Read more...]