UK Food-to-Go Sector to Grow 26.4% by 2024

Channel set to experience double the growth of wider UK food and grocery market, sets stage for focus on reusable supply chain packaging. The UK food-to-go market is forecast to be worth £23.4bn by 2024, up from £18.5bn in 2019, growing by 26.4%. According to new research from IGD, the channel is set to experience double the growth of the wider … [Read more...]

Introduction to Sleeve Pack Shipping Systems and Vendor List

The corrugated plastic sleeve pack, also known as the pallet pack, is a form of reusable bulk container that is widely deployed in Europe. It is now also making inroads in North America as operators increasingly recognize the benefit. It provides a flexible, lower-cost approach to reusable packaging than rigid intermediate bulk containers, while … [Read more...]

Pallet Statistics: Pallet Sizes Becoming More Standardized in the U.S. Market

This article has been updated with the most recent pallet industry statistics available. Also read: Economic Impact Study Shows Wood Packaging Industry Supports 173,000 Jobs in the United States New wooden pallet industry statistics have been made available, resulting from cooperative research projects involving NWPCA, Virginia Tech and USDA … [Read more...]

Smart Food Packaging Market

What is Smart Food Packaging? According to the MarketsandMarkets study, the global food industry is undergoing a massive transformation in line with the changing consumer interests. One such trend that has gained attention is the concept of smart food packaging. Packaging has remained a vital aspect for food manufacturers, as it maintains the food … [Read more...]

Renting equipment reduces carbon emissions, study determines

Three specialized, independent research companies - Climate Neutral Group, CE Delft and SGS Search - have researched and calculated the CO2 emissions during the full life-cycle of ten pieces of equipment representative of the portfolio of European Rental Association (ERA) members. The research concludes that efficient use lowers the total carbon … [Read more...]

Smithers Pira forecasts global bioplastic packaging market to reach $8.8 billion by 2024

LEATHERHEAD, Surrey, UK and AKRON, Ohio, USA – The plastics industry is a major contributor to the global economy, providing foundational technologies and materials for all key segments. With a new emphasis on sustainability from leading packaging converters and food and beverage brands, there is an increased demand and opportunities for … [Read more...]

Trex Offers Free Recyclability Testing for Polyethylene Packaging Applications

NexTrex™ Testing Program Aims to Clarify & Identify Acceptable Material for Inclusion in Trex Recycling Programs WINCHESTER, Va. - Plastic film plays a critical role in the packaging and transportation of many consumer goods, but it also presents a considerable challenge to manufacturers looking to reduce waste and their carbon footprints. How … [Read more...]

AIPIA China: Unlocking the Advantages of Active & Intelligent Packaging for the Chinese Market

The up-coming AIPIA China Summit (Shanghai 18-19 July) sets out clearly the advantages of Active & Intelligent Packaging technologies for many sectors of Chinese manufacturing. The event is co-organised by AIPIA, the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association, and Prime Business Consulting, AIPIA’s representatives in China. The … [Read more...]

Remanufactured Pallets Present Green, Low Cost Path to Custom Pallets

Tyson Steffens explains the opportunities for remanufactured custom pallets. There are few things more confusing to the novice than the recycled pallet market.  In an earlier article, I looked at the GMA pallet and the fundamental features of it that are important to pallet buyers to understand.  In this post, I will explore the nearly … [Read more...]

Challenging Market Conditions Lead to Dip in Recycling Rates for Film and Rigid Plastics

Domestic purchasing of rigid plastics and film continues to increase as overall recycling totals decrease WASHINGTON – Despite tough global market conditions, two new reports (the 2017 National Post-Consumer Non-Bottle Rigid Plastic Recycling Report and the 2017 National Post-Consumer Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Report ) found that domestic … [Read more...]